Strasse for Porsche in Leeds.

The Team Behind The North's Leading Independent Porsche Specialist.


Founded in 1994 by Dave Sunderland, Mark Pendleton and David Forrest, Strasse is now firmly established as one of the country's leading independent Porsche specialists.


The three founding partners were fuelled by a desire to do things a little differently and a lot better. We soon discovered that others shared our passion for detail.


Between the partners and staff (see below), we have a combined Porsche experience of over 100 years -mostly with main dealers. So whether you have a 356 or a 996, you can be sure we know what we are talking about.



The Two Daves and Mark


Dave 'The Legend' Sunderland We start our line up of Strasse Partners with age before beauty. There can be no substitute for experience and there is no substitute for this man. Dave has been living and breathing Porsche since becoming service manager at the original Official Porsche Centre for Yorkshire in 1968. He cut his teeth (among other things) on 356s, early 911s and 912s.


Inspired by Jack Tordoff (of JCT600) he built a reputation as the man to contact for rally preparation. Dave personally prepared all Jack's cars for international success.


Dave's nickname, The Legend, is well deserved: he is still preparing race winning cars for the Porsche Cup and Classic Championship - and preparing cars that are a dream to drive. His vast knowledge of engines and gearboxes means he is constantly in demand. (Did you know that the '78 930 Turbo engine has a bigger flywheel seal than the'77 model, or that a 993 Turbo has sodium-cooled exhaust valves?!)



David Forrest


This is the Dave you should ask for is you want parts, sales or service. His family's automotive history goes back to his Grandfather's garage in Bradford - before David was even a twinkle in anyone's eye. Now slightly older than a twinkle, he has spent the last 16 years working with the Porsche marque - his passion and dream since he was a lad.


He has been involved in motorsport - behind the wheel and sometimes under them and can often be found on the workshop floor getting his hands dirty, except on a Saturday when he uses his hands to hold his head while he follows his other lifelong passion of football.


David's true love of all things Porsche makes him the ideal man to enthuse over cars (ours or yours.) When it comes to each model's little quirks, Big Dave is the man to tell it like it is.