Strasse for Porsche in Leeds.
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Hit and Miss for Strasse at Oulton Park


Dyer take 4th spot Fourth driver announced


The Leeds based team Strasse Motorsport had a short trip this weekend to Oulton Park for rounds three and Four of the Porsche Club Championship. The team where looking to build on the promising start at Brands Hatch last Month for the opening two rounds of the championship, but just like Brands, qualifying was hampered by poor wet track conditions. Despite the typical British Bank Holiday weather the teams spirits where not dampened, the team were also back to full strength with David Botterill back driving his Porsche 964 C2. Team Principal Dave Forrest also announced that the fourth team member would be Paul Ward who only in his 2nd year of racing had made the switch from his class one 968 car into a class two 944 S2 and was racing the car for the first time this weekend.


Chris Dyer in the number nine 968 C2 once again was the strongest of Strasse drivers during qualifying putting his car on row six of the grid followed by Paul ward in the 994 S2 on row 10 with Richard Ellis in his 993 C2 along side team mate David Botterill in the 964 C2 on row 11.


Race One


As the green light went on is was a carbon copy of the first round with half the field exchanging body panels luckily all the four Strasse cars came out in one piece but the incidents on track had placed Ellis and Ward right to the back after having taken necessary off grass manouvers to avoid contact with the carnage in front. Despite the disappointing start all four drivers put in an excellent race with Dyer who was struggling with under steer coming home in a respectable 9th in class after frustratingly not been able to pass the boxters who where holding up the midfield battle.

With 28 cars on the starting grid Botterill had made good progress throughout the race was again caught up in the midfield battle bringing home the 964 in 18th place 13th in class. Ward driving the 944 for the very first time handled the car well and despite the bad start to the race managed to work his way through the field to finish just behind Botterill in 19th place 6th in class. Ellis who seems to be getting faster and faster each race and despite the off at the start of the race drove his 933 fantastcially to battle his way up to the leading front pack but with only three laps to go he was hit hard by Richard Higgins on the inside of turn one that resulted in the body work been badly damaged and rubbing on the rear tyre, Ellis had no option but to bring the car home slowly resulting in him dropping places and crossing the line in 15th place 11th in class.


Chris Dyer Car No 9


I started off 12th on the grid and got off to a cracking start getting up to 8th it was still damp in places and my front tyres started to go off a little and the car started to under-steer that cost me a few places, the tyres started coming back then going away again and I finally finished 11th, 9th in class so i was pleased with that.


Richard Ellis Car No 10


I got off to a good start, there was plenty of action in front with drivers exchanging paintwork but I managed to get past without any incident only to find the next pack doing the same so had to take aversive action over the grass and ended up second to last, I then spent the next three laps chasing down the pack and managed to make up a few places. The car was handling really well and I ended up having a good tussle and with David Botterill and Richard Bennett and once I got past them I found myself behind Richard Higgins. I managed to get past him with only a few laps left but then Higgins lost his brakes and ended up hitting the off side of my car resulting in heavy body damage that was rubbing on the tyres so I had to limp the car home in 16th.


Paul Ward Car No 91


I qualified reasonably well and started on the 10th row of the grid The first corner going into old hall was really packed something like four or five cars wide and I got pushed off and managed to spin it facing backwards on the corner thankfully everyone managed to avoid me and I got back on the track in last position and just steadily worked my way through the pack taking three or four places back. I Saw lots of carnage on the track, the aftermath of John's accident and Paul Winter's and witnessed the accident of Paul Seagrave who went off in front of my trying to pass Stuart Inngs he was right on the edge so I kept behind so that I did'nt get collected by Paul the interesting thing was when John McCullagh went off at Shell Island he hit the tyre bail and three tyres came across the track in front of me but I managed to avoid them, I thought I was making good progress so looking forward to race two.

Race Two


Luckily the damage to Richard Ellis's car was fixable so all four cars survived the first race and lined up on the grid for race two of the day. Dyer starting from 14th on the grid got off to a flying start and by the end of lap four was up with the front runner after putting in a lap time 1.58.155. Ellis and Botterill also made good progress in the early laps of the race only to be held up once again by the midfield battle among the 968's and boxsters. Despite a good start from Ward he was unable to fend off the 968's and soon found himself having to work his way back up by steadily picking each driver off one at a time. Once again the race was full of drama and with some very expensive accidents but thankfully without any injuries to any of the drivers, one accident brought out the safety car that allowed Dyer who by now had placed himself into 6th position was able to catch the leading pack and as the safety car pulled into the pits the last lap board was shown, it was all or nothing and Dyer floored the car and took 4th place off Marcus Carniel and narrowly just missed out on the 3rd spot finishing right behind the bumper of Mark Proctor. Ellis had put in some very good times and brought his car home in 8th place 6th in Class, despite some good overtaking skills from Ward he crossed the line in 19th place 6th in class with David Botterill bringing home the 964 in 14th 9th in class.


Chris Dyer Car No 9


I Started 14th on the grid and got off to a real flyer, I overtook a few cars and got up to sixth spot and then to 5th, when the safety car came out it gave me a chance to get back upto the leading pack, when the safety car pulled in the last lap board was shown and I got a real restart and got Marcus Carniel who ran wide so I manged to get past him cleanly and take 4th place, I was well suited and the car felt mega.


Richard Ellis Car No 10


A lot better than race one, got a ok start and managed to make a couple of spaces in the early start of the first lap and made steady progress throughout the race and had some good tussles during the race the car went fantastic considering where I stated on the grid showing some people that the car had the pace so where looking good for Donington and with new tyres lets go for it.


Paul Ward Car No 91


I have learned to start on lower rev's and it paid off because my start was ok but I was jumped by some of the 968's that where behind me so they had a good head start on me after that I was playing catch up. I was trying to get passed some of the cars that I got passed in the first race including Stuart Inggs who I had a good battle with lap after lap after lap but I manged to get passed him on the inside at Old Hall and then after that I was just chasing 968's. I was driving out my skin but it's as fast as I can go at the moment, the only way to go faster is with a bit more skill.


The Strasse sponsored number 68 (yellow car) class two 968 of Richard Higgins was one of the cars not to finish after the collision with Richard Ellis that resulted in Higgins hitting the crash barrier. Higgins was able to repair the car in time for race two who came home in 12th place 4th n class