Strasse for Porsche in Leeds.
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Strasse Motorsport 2012


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Strasse motorsport results 2012



Porsche Club Championship Round Five:


  • 1 Mark McAleer (996 C2) 19 Laps
  • 2 Mark Proctor (993 C2) +0.429s;
  • 3 Andrew Purdie (964 C2
  • 4 Richard Ellis (993 C2);
  • 5 Ben Demetriou (Boxster S);
  • 6 Chris Dyer (968 CS);
  • 7 Marcus Carniel (Boxster S
  • 8 Kevin Harrison (964 C2);
  • 9 John McCullagh (968 CS);
  • 10 Paul Follett (968 CS);
  • 6 Chris Dyer (968 CS);
  • 7 Marcus Carniel (Boxster S
  • 8 Kevin Harrison (964 C2);


Class Winners: McAleer; Follett.

Fastest Lap: Pete Morris (996 C2) 1m19.646s (89.45mph).



Strasse motorsport results 2011




Porsche in Motorsport

Lights to flag victory for Ellis



Richard Ellis drove the race of his life to score an emphatic victory in round six of the Porsche Club GB Championship at Donington Park (Saturday 30th June) in a thrilling race that featured tremendous battles in both class one and class two.

Right now in the Porsche Club Championship, everyone is chasing reigning champion Sumpter who has won three of the first four races, but with his absence this weekend everyone was looking to take advantage and it was Ellis who took full advantage qualifying the Strasse number 10 car on pole setting the top time on the Donington course putting him on the first row for both rounds five and six of the championship. Not to be out-done by his class one team mate Chris Dyer in the number 9 Porsche 968 also put in a good qualifying time placing him 8th on the grid, whilst Strasse new comer Paul Ward placed his class two 944 in 21st place in a strong 27 car line up.


Race One


Taking off from pole position into the race on the Midlands circuit in the summer heat, the Yorkshire man made a good start to maintain his position heading into turn one at  Redgate, Ellis managed to hold on to the lead for the first four laps whilst been put under constant pressure from Mark McAleer and Peter Morris. Ellis managed the pressure well and started to pull away leaving a 3 second gap going into lap 6, the lead was short lived as both his tyres and brakes started to overheat forcing him to slow down and leaving the casing front pack to close down on him, despite Ellis's best efforts to fight off the pack he was not able to maintain the lead and soon dropped back down into 3rd spot. Despite this, a podium spot looked like a safe bet until a misunderstanding between a couple of back markers heading into fogarty esses resulted in Ellis getting bogged down and losing 3rd position to Andrew Purdie with only a few laps remaining leaving Ellis crossing the line in 4th place.

Chris Dyer in the Strasse Porsche 968 starting 8th on the grid made a good start and was soon on the tail of Paul Winters Porsche 996 a battle that would last for 4 laps until the engine let go on Winters car allowing Dyer to take full advantage and close the gap on the leading pack. It was not long until Dyer had picked off the Boxster of Carniel leaving the other Boxster of Demetriou in his sights with only a few laps remaining. Dyer did mange to take Demetriou but only in a moment of madness from the usually faultless Strasse driver doing so whilst under waved yellows. There was little time left in the race to hand back the lead to Demetriou, and has the chequered flag waved Dyer crossed the line in front of Demetriou. Dyer immediately after the race reported this to the clerk of the course resulting in Dyer handing back the fifth place and receiving six points on his licence.



Paul Ward driving the former Strasse championship winning class two car for the first time also put in a strong performance brining home the 944 in 16th place after making up up four places from the start of the grid. The fourth Strasse driver David Botterill was not racing in th championship this weekend due to other motorsport commitments.




Paul Ward Car No 91


I got a good start and the traction was good with the new tyres, I really enjoyed been at the front for the first time and managed to hold them off for the first part of the race and I felt that I was starting to pull away but then I realised that I had set my tyres a little too high and the car started to slide about but I still enjoyed the race but got mugged going into fogarty and lost a couple of places then spent the rest of the race battling with the top six, the car felt really good until the tyres started to go off and the brakes where a little too hot but we will sort that out before the next race.


Chris Dyer Car No 9


Started eighth on the grid and got a really good start and had a bit of a tussle with Paul Winter in his 996 and managed to overtake him going into fogarty and then his engine blew up, then I had to chase the two boxters down of Demetriou and Carniel I manged to get Carniel at fogarty again but then in a moment of madness I overtook Demetriou under waved yellows so I ended up finishing 5th but got demoted back down to 6th and six points on my license.

Paul Ward Car no 91


It's been a great weekend so far for me after first been asked to join the Strasse Motorsport Team which is fantastic for me in only my second year of racing and also the other good news is that I have Chris Dyers championship winning car from 2010 and it came second place in 2011 so it's a new car for me. I managed to qualify in 20th place, 7th in class two, I got off to a poor start but I'm still getting used to the new car. I did manage to make up a few places and had a good battle with Paul Seagrave and also Steve Cheetham getting past both of them, I managed to avoid a couple of incidents in front of me and enjoyed casing down the rest of the 944 and 968 field. I would just like to thank Strasse for supporting me and getting the car ready over the past few weeks and also Flash-Centre for sponsoring me.



Race two


With a lights-to-flag victory Richard Ellis drove the race of his life to score an emphatic victory in round six of the Porsche Club GB Championship and It's been a long time coming for Ellis who has proved his worth only missing out on a podium finish due to bad luck in previous rounds. Ellis starting on pole once again and got off to a good start but was under pressure right from the off as Morris and Purdie both looked like taking the lead on the very first corner. This was a bumper to bumper race and the top spot looked like it could go to any one of them with Purdie and Morris exchanging second position nearly every other lap, it was not long before Purdie won the battle taking first place with Ellis dropping down to third but Ellis was not giving this race up and was soon back up into second and then back into first. Ellis soon started to pull away and was able to put a five second gap between himself and the battle for second crossing the line with a 6.413 gap between him and second place which went to Purdie.


Chris Dyer in the Strasse 968 was also very close to getting involved with the top spot battle after putting in an outstanding drive to bring home the number 9 car in sixth place. Chris looked like he had the speed to do so before Richard Bennett forced Dyer wide with an unusual racing line leaving Chris to fight back. he soon re-took the 7th place back off Bennet and set on targeting the boxters once again resulting in a great battle with Marcus Carniel resulting in Dyer coming out the winner and taking 6th place over the finish line.


Paul Ward was looking promising in the 944 and had placed himself in a good midfield battle among the class two cars until he had to take an unavoidable off track route across the gravel in order to miss Stuart Eadie who had left the track and come back on right in front of Ward. This left Ward's 994 full of gravel resulting in the car feeling a little loose that sent Ward over the high curb entering the chicane resulting in under car damage. Ward managed to continue but had to ease off the pace in order to bring the car home without causing any more damage.




Richards Ellis


It was an ok start, I can't really remember much about the race it was a bit of a blur it was that exciting and the fact that I was concentrating so hard, my tyres started  to go off and instead of  driving the wheels off the car like I normally do I managed them a bit better and then when i had lost a few places I managed to catch them back up again and put them under pressure. The car was just fantastic, the little bits we did to the car earlier made all the difference and I just knew we had the strength at the end of the race so I just kept pushing and pushing until people made mistakes so hopefully that's the start of things to come.


Chris Dyer


Started 8th on the grid and again got a cracking start, managed to get up behind the two boxsters again and then Richard Bennett got me with a bit of a crazy move down into redgate but I finally got past him and them back up to the boxters and a great tussle with Marcus Carniel, no contact just swooping corner on each and every corner anyway he lost it going into redgate and i got him after carrying too much speed i pulled over a little bit and he sent himself onto the grass on his own accord so come home in 6th, the car is really good so roll on Croft.


Paul Ward


I got a really good start but ended up between two cars and the car on my left that was Stuart Eadie closed in on me resulting in a large dent to the side of my car, the car felt alright and I managed to carry on. I managed to keep the pack behind me but it was hard work as i'm still getting used to the new car, the tyre pressure felt better than in qualifying. There we're a few incidents in front of me but i managed to miss them but later in the race Stuart Eadie who I was having a battle with managed to get in front of me, he then went off but came back onto the track right in front of me I went left to avoid him hitting the gravel but he came back onto the left hand side of me and he ended up going backwards down the track forcing me back onto the gravel again. I managed to get back on the track but with the car full of gravel I went over the high curb in the chicane damaging the under side of the car so I had to limp home, so a lot of damage to repair but the car will be back for croft.


The No 68 Strasse sponsored car of Richard Higgins once again had a up and down weekend. Higgins in race one took 3rd spot on the podium in Class two after a good battle with Time Speed and Paul Follett. But unfortunately in race two Higgins suffered engine failure leaving him beached in the gravel and unable to finish the race.