Strasse for Porsche in Leeds.
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Strasse Motorsport 2012


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Strasse motorsport results 2012




Porsche Club Championship Round Seven:


  • 1 Pete Morris (996 C2) 16 laps;
  • 2 Mark Sumpter (964 C2) +8.221s;
  • 3 Mark Proctor (993 C2);
  • 4 Andy Purdie (964 C2);
  • 5 Ben Demetriou (Boxster S);
  • 6 Marcus Carniel (Boxster S);
  • 7 Mark McAleer (996 C2);
  • 8 Chris Dyer (968 CS);
  • 9 Paul Livesey (968 CS);
  • 10 Paul Follett (968 CS);


Class Winners: Morris; Follett

Fastest Lap: Morris 1m36.092s (79.61mpg)



Porsche Club Championship Round Eight:


  • 1 Morris 5 laps;
  • 2 McAleer +0.507s;
  • 3 Proctor;
  • 4 Purdie;
  • 5 Dememtriou;
  • 6 Carniel;
  • 7 Richard Ellis (993 C2);
  • 8 Dyer;
  • 9 Brian Robinson (968 CS);
  • 10 Follett;


Class Winners: Morris; Robinson

Fastest Lap: McAleer 1m35.595s (80.02mph)



Strasse motorsport results 2011




Porsche in Motorsport

Strasse brings home a top seven finish in difficult Croft Race



Due to corporate day on the Friday at the Croft circuit testing was cancelled resulting in the Team been unable to test on home ground. The season is starting to hot-up and with all races so far been very competitive with more than a few exchanges of paint work the Team was looking for a trouble free weekend.

It was the first time this season that all four Strasse cars where on show at the teams home circuit and  they where looking to put on a show for the home crowd with the added bonus of the Strasse sponsored 944 Turbo of Botterill also competing this weekend in the Northern Sports & Saloon Car Championship along with Team mate Dyer. unfortunately qualifying did not go to plan with all Strasse drivers having difficulties with the set up of there cars. Despite this set back Richard Ellis placed his 993C 5th on the grid with Chris Dyer putting the Strasse 968 in 9th, David Botterill  further down the grid on 18th while Paul Ward was having a difficult time with the 944 and ended up way down the field in 25th place.

Ellis who won the last race at Donnington got off to good start and was soon on pace with the top 5 cars with Dyer following closely behind, Botterill and Ward held onto there grid places with both cars looking to have the pace to case the midfield battle ahead. Ellis was settling into his race pace when he had an off-course excursion going into Hawthorn with ABS problems resulting in the car spinning off, he was unable to join the race until the rest of the field had passed him eventually coming home in 20th place.


Ward was making good progress until a failure on the bottom arm resulting in the wheel coming off and sending him into the barrier under high speed braking leaving him with a badly damaged car, thankfully Paul was able to walk clear with no injuries and the car was returned to the pits. The team found a cracked suspension arm that had caused the problem and due to the large impact damage to the front end and the suspension they where unable to fix it. Meanwhile Dyer again was putting in some very fast laps but was unable to close the gap of the leading pack struggling with the set up of the car crossing the finish line in 9th place. David Botterhill in the 964 was also involved in a little exchange of paint work after Karim Moudi hit the side of his car entering complex corner resulting in Botterill losing places finishing the race in 17th spot.


With Paul ward out due to the damage from race one it was down to the other three drivers to improve  and all three got of to a good start. Dyer aggressively worked his way through the field, but again faced adversity when he got stuck behind the boxsters in the mid-field battle that would not let him pass with Ellis close on his tail. Due to an on-track incident the race was red flagged so the field had to line up for the restart, Dyer and Ellis found themselves in a two way battle that entertained the Yorkshire crowd with Ellis coming out the victor in 7th place followed by Dyer in 8th. Botterill gave a fine performance but was unable to keep the pace of the leading pack coming home in 13th place.




Chris Dyer...Race one


I got a good start but got tapped by Carniel heading out of Clervaux but started to make some good headway but clipped the tyre barrier at the chicane, but I still managed to pick  one or two off throughout the race. Not a brilliant race for me but the car did'nt feel as good has it had all season. I got tapped again on the last lap by Paul Livesey but managed to hold onto the car.


Race two


I got a good start again for race two but got snarled up in traffic going into the first corner, but the car felt a lot better, everything about it felt good and I had a good tussle with team mate Chris and was making good progress until the Red Flag that meant I had to do it all over again but I still had good fun but I don't want to be back there, if we'd got some testing in maybe it would have been different.

Paul Ward...Race one


Qualifying on 13th row Paul Ward was disappointed to be so far down the grid for both races. I was expecting better from the new car, it was not turning as sharp as I thought it would do  I was  barely making any ground  been second from last, the race was  fairly uneventful for me until  I entered the Complex Corners and while braking on the straight  there was a Hugh bang and the car just swung to the left on three wheels and put me into the barrier.


Both David Botterill and Chris Dyer also  competed in the Northern Sports & Saloon Car Championship with Dyer racing in the 968 and Botterill in the sponsored 944 Turbo


The Strasse sponsored 968 of Richard Higgins also struggled coming home in 16th place for race one and 15th place for race two.