Strasse for Porsche in Leeds.
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Strasse Motorsport 2012


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Strasse motorsport results 2012




Porsche Club Championship Round Eleven:


  • 1 Mark Sumpter (964 C2) 19 laps;
  • 2 Peter Morris (996 C2) + 6.440s;
  • 3 Ben Demetriou (Boxster S);
  • 4 Mark Proctor (993 C2);
  • 5 Marcus Carniel (Boxster S);
  • 6 Mark McAleer (996 C2);
  • 7 Chris Dyer (968 CS);
  • 8 Richard Ellis (993 C2);
  • 9 John McCullagh (968 CS);
  • 10 Alex Eacock (968 CS);


Winners: Morris: Sumpter; Eacock
Fastest Lap: Sumpter 1m19.018s (84.28mph)


Porsche Club Championship Round Twelve:


  • 1 Sumpter 13 laps;
  • 2 Morris +1.138s;
  • 3 Proctor;
  • 4 McCullagh (968 CS);
  • 5 Carniel;
  • 6 Ellis;
  • 7 McAleer;
  • 8 Eacock;
  • 9 Richard Higgins (968 CS);
  • Paul Follett (968 CS);


Class Winners: Morris; Robinson

Fastest Lap: McAleer 1m35.595s (80.02mph)


Strasse motorsport results 2011




Porsche in Motorsport

Wet and Wild Ride for Strasse at Castle Combe



With the team back to full strength Strasse Motorsport worked to fine-tune all four Porsche cars for the wickedly quick Castle Combe racetrack in preparation for rounds 11 and 12 of the Porsche Club GB Championship

The extended 20-minute qualifying session very early on Bank Holiday Monday morning was the only dry running session of the day with Richard Ellis providing the best time for the four strong Strasse team putting is Porsche 993 sixth on the grid followed by 968 of Chris Dyer on row seven, David Botterill in the Porsche 968 on row eight and Paul Ward qualifying on the back row in the Class two Porsche 944


Race One


Monday's Bank Holiday Porsche Club Race had enough drama for anyone. First there was the weather. It rained. Then it didn't. Then it rained again. Then it didn't. Wets? Normals? Who has best perfected the art of racing in the rain?

Strasse,s Four-car Porsche effort made it an exciting day for the crowds on the slippery fast course at Castle Combe. Chris Dyer although starting on the wet side of the grid got off well making up three places heading into Tower Corner and was soon involved in a thrilling battle with John McCullagh with Dyer coming out the victory. Dyer appeared to find  extra pace from nowhere and was soon on the tail of Team mate Richard Ellis who had also made a good start. Both team mates once again entertained the crowds with bumper to bumper racing, once again Dyer coming out the winner bringing home the 968 in 7th place with Ellis in 8th.

David Botterill who had just returned from the Citroen 2CV 24 Hour Race the day before drove a steady race making up one place from the grid taking 14th while Paul Ward running in Class Two in the Strasse 944 came home in 21st place.





Chris Dyer


"It was a mixed qualifying season and starting on the damp side of the track was no help having no grip off the line but I managed to make three places from the start, I had a cracking race with John McCullagh and managed to get past him. In the middle section of the race it started to rain, then it dried out, then it rained again and was very slippy. I managed to real Richard in and had a good dice with him and on the last lap I managed to get on the inside of him at quarry corner and pipped him, but despite the weather the car felt good".

Richard Ellis


"I Started well on the grid,  everybody seemed to have a rubbish start all spinning wheels it was really greasy, it was a busy first couple of laps with everyone struggling with the conditions. I enjoyed the race but I struggled a little with the car in the middle of the race when the rain started again and then the next thing I knew my team mate Chris was one my tail, we both had a good battle and it was good fun".


David Botterill


"Race two was better I tried to do quick start but got taken by a few drivers so I lost a few places to start with but did manage to get the pace back. I felt the car was ok But I was breaking in strange places and funny lines and I was stuck behind Andy Duncan but got passed  him coming home in 5th so was the fastest of the non 968 cars. I was pleased to get more track time in the car. it's starting to come together, we are now working on fuel calculations and hope to improve for the next race".


Paul Ward


"I had a reasonable start from the back., I thought there would be a bit of carnage at the start so decided to back off  and managed to lose a couple of places. It was drizzling with rain and getting worse so I decided to back off and protect the car because I have had few incidents this year and with this track been very fast I thought that I would just take my foot of the gas. there where a lot of fast runners so I spent most of my time giving way to them. After the rain dried off I started to pick up the speed and but I was not up to full speed due to the wet conditions so hopefully with a bit more confidence I will learn from this."



Race Two


Richard Ellis made most of the competitors slipping on the wet track at the start of race two and moved up from 6th to 3rd, Ellis held the third spot for the early part of the race with Proctor skipping on his tail but Proctor found a way past with both the 993 cars squirming in the wet as they fought for grip under the extreme wet conditions. Ellis dropped behind the lead three cars and was soon battling for fourth place with Marcus Carniel and John McCullagh, despite Ellis's best efforts he was unable to defend his place crossing the line in 6th place.

Despite the weather condition going from bad to worse Both Chris Dyer and David Botterill both decided to run the cars on the same set-up from race one a decision that left both Strasse pilots struggling with the handling of the cars in a race that really should have been red flagged. That all said and done Dyer still managed to put in some impressive times crossing the line in 12th place 9th in Class, Botterill was not far behind bringing home the Porsche 964 in 14th place 11th in class.

Paul Ward found the conditions a little too hard to handle struggling with the 944 and a problem with the windscreen blower also left him with limited visibility despite the problem Ward still managed to keep the pace with the class two field until Marcus Carniel shunted him from behind leaving Ward stranded on the track facing the wrong way, luckily Ward managed to re-start the car and carry on avoiding a safety car period. After the race Carniel apologized to Ward for the on-track incident.




Chris Dyer


"Absolutely atrocious weather, it was silling it down, I got a good start but going out on the same tires  I was sliding all over the place with no grip at all and ended up finishing in the same place I started 12th so that will do for me".


Richard Ellis


"I started a very wet second race 6th on the grid and got a fantastic start, it was treacherous weather and it just got worse, it's all about survival with everyone spinning so I just had to keep going with a lot of changing of places, it was fun but also very scary, so I'm happy with 6th place and glad to come home in one piece".


David Botterill


"It was wet, really wet, the car was going well but the weather got worse and worse and the car was all over the place so it was all about bringing the car home in one piece but in all a good fun weekend".


Paul Ward


"I managed to get a good start this time, for a wet race I was going well but a few laps into the race my window started to steam up so I was missing my braking points and managed to clip one of the tyre walls  going into quarry so that knocked me back and lost a couple of places then Carniel clipped me and spun me off, the car stopped but I managed to get it started after about 30 seconds and got going again so in all a disappointing weekend for me".


The Strasse sponsored car of Richard Higgins was one of the cars to shine in rain during race two brining home a second place finish in Class two. The car had to undergo emergency repairs to the cooling with only one hour prior to race two


Richard Higgins


"Many thanks to Ray,Dave and Chris for giving me all the parts, repairing the car and making it work and for it raining it was a great leveler".