Strasse for Porsche in Leeds.
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Strasse Motorsport 2013


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Strasse motorsport results 2013






Porsche Club Championship Round 1:


  • 1 Peter Morris (996 C2) 20 laps;
  • 2 Tom Bradshaw (Boxster S) +1.368s;
  • 3 Mark Sumpter (964 C2);
  • 4 Mark McAleer (996 C2);
  • 5 Adrian Slater (964 C2);
  • 6 Kevin Harrison (964 C2);
  • 7 Richard Ellis (993 C2);
  • 8 John McCullagh (968 CS);
  • 9 Mike Johnson (996 C2);
  • 10 Steve Cheetham (Boxster S);


Class Winner: Morris McCullagh
Fastest Lap: Bradshaw 1m16.432s (93.21mph)


Porsche Club Championship Round 2:


  • 1 Morris 20 laps;
  • 2 Sumpter +0.600s;
  • 3 McAleer;
  • 4 Slater;
  • 5 Marcus Carniel (Boxster S);
  • 6 Craig Wilkins (996 C2);
  • 7 Paul Livesey (968 CS);
  • 8 Ellis;
  • 9 Johnson;
  • 10 Harrison;
  • 11 Class Winner: Morris; Andy Toon (968 CS)


Class Winners: Morris; Andy Toon (968 CS)

Fastest Lap: Bradshaw 1m16.388s (93.26mph)

Strasse motorsport results 2012




Porsche in Motorsport

Shakedown for Strasse at Donnington



After countless hours and hard work the Strasse team pulled off the impossible to deliver the two new Porsche Cayman S cars to Donnington late Friday night for the first rounds of the 2013 Porsche Club GB Championship. Eligible for the first time in the championship Strasse took the decision to race two Caymans with Chris Dyer piloting the Chivers Solicitors No 9 car and Chris Whittle piloting the No 92 car. Back again with the team was Richard Ellis in the No 10 GTi Motors Porsche 993C, David Botterill in the No 8 Porsche 964 C2 and Paul Ward returning this year in the No 91 Porsche 968 CS that was piloted by Chris Dyer last year.

Two new members also enter the Strasse stable this year with ex Porsche Open pilot Mike Johnson in the No 74 Porsche 996 C2 and David Griffiths in the No 29 DG Freight Porsche 944 S2.
The team enter this year’s championship under no illusion that the Cayman would be competing for the championship title this season, Team principle and owner Dave Forrest stated that this season will be more of a development year for the Cayman. But the team would be once again looking to retain the Team Championship Title.

With a strong driver line up for the year’s championship and a large 31 car grid plus the added new slick Pirelli tyres to contend with everyone was looking to see who would come out on top and take pole for the first two rounds. Richard Ellis was the only Strasse member to qualify in the top ten putting the 993 in 8th place on the grid followed by Mike Johnson in 11th, David Botterill in 18th followed by Chris Dyer in 19th, Paul Ward in 26th , David Griffiths in 28th and Christopher Whittle in 30th place.


Race One


In Class one Ellis was looking to repeat last year’s Donnington race where he took first place but despite a good start and a well fought battle with Kevin Harrison and Mark McAleer Ellis had to contend with a 7th place finish. New team member Mike Johnson also finished within the top ten taking 9th place. Botterill had a trouble free race but struggled with the set-up of the car and found himself among a mid-field battle and was unable to chase the leading pack crossing the line in 14th place.


Dyer in the debut Cayman had a troubled race having to pit the car more than twice with a diagnostic engine problem resulting in a DNF. The 2nd Cayman had only been completed the night before leaving only race day for Whittle to try out the car for the first time bringing home the car in 27th place. In Class two David Griffiths in his debut race finished in 7th place ahead of Paul Ward who again was racing in a new car for this year coming home in 10th place.


Race Two


There wasn’t much time to relax before race two as the team worked on the No 6 Cayman of Chris Dyer to make ready for the start of the race but as the red lights turned green and only a few laps into the race once again Dyer was troubled with gremlins having to pit the car on two occasions, despite this the team and Pirelli used the pit time to their advantage gathering valuable measurements and recording data. Dyer went on to finish the race in 27th place. Richard Ellis put in a good performance once again crossing the line in 8th place while Botterill struggled to make his way through the mid-field coming home in 13th place. Harrison who brought the Strasse 996 home in 10th place looked strong and will be a strong contender and valuable new member to the team.

In Class Two Dave Griffiths put in a blistering performance finishing a strong 6th place, Paul Ward was looking strong until a racing incident forced him to drop places in a battle at the back of the pack.

Chris Dyer


The car handles well and goes well but its bit heavy to be fair, and I had a problem with the engine only firing on 5 cylinders so unfortunately I didn’t finish the race but still gained valuable track time and just seeing what it can do and it’s limit. Race two the car felt a lot better but it again went back onto only firing on 5 cylinders and it looked like it could be crank shaft sensor, but the car handles well and It’s all been a bit of a learning curve with it been a new car.


Richard Ellis


The qualifying session has been difficult because we couldn’t get the car to work correctly due to no testing but I did ok on the first race and its was not a bad finish. In race two the car felt better and I managed to make up a few places despite starting further back on the grid, But I enjoyed it and I can see that’s theirs lots of potential in the car for the coming rounds.


Paul Ward


"I started twenty seventh and managed to finish twenty fifth due to other drivers not finishing, I did improve on my qualifying time and had a good battle at the back with Hugo Holmes and Ryan Liquorish. Hugo was very good at defending his line; overall I would have liked to do better".


Chris Whittle


What a fantastic day, I mean it was very cold this morning, all the cars where on slicks so that made it exciting in qualifying and with my car I hadn’t even sat in the driver’s seat and had to start with instructions to bed the brakes in, run the tyres and the engine, but it was a good way of getting a feel for the car, the steering wheel was a little off centre so we had to fix that little problem. During the first race I managed to pull off 8 seconds off my time so that was fabulous, I didn’t come last  so that’s great first time in a brand new car despite me knowing the Cayman reasonably well as a car but it was my first time on slicks racing properly so that was exciting.


The 2nd race just got better and better I haven’t seen the times yet but I got a great start but gave some places away but I hope the second race was better for me than the first race.


David Botterill


It’s been a decent day, put the new slicks on this morning and had to guess a couple of changes on the car. Tried to get the wheels pointing in the right direction went out straight into qualifying and the car felt pretty good. I made some changes for race one and picked up the pace but the car didn’t feel quite right so I revised the changes for race two and the car felt a lot better and I made a couple of good over-taking manoeuvres ones I would like to see the replay of.


Mike Johnson


A good weekend. it was my first time out in the car it was only three weeks ago we got the car but we do need to do some set ups on the car so a lot of work to do. But totally enjoying the first time in the Porsche Club Championship, I used to be in the Porsche Open before the GT Challenge and it looks like a very tight close competitive racing championship so I’m looking forward to getting closer to the front but in all a good weekend. the cars in one piece so we just have to build on that.


David Griffiths


It’s my first time out in that car but it felt good running on the slicks. We could do with trying to lighten the car but in all it felt good I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to the next rounds.


Paul Ward


Paul Ward was unavailable for interview.