Strasse for Porsche in Leeds.
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Strasse Motorsport 2013


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Difficult Race for Strasse at Brands Hatch



The Strasse team travelled to Brands Hatch this weekend for rounds three and four of the Porsche Club GB Championship looking to improve from the first two outings at Donington.

With a full 33 car field filling the 1.2 mile Indy circuit at Brands Hatch qualifying times where going to be close and close they were with only two seconds separating the top ten cars, Richard Ellis put in the best time among the Strasse pilots placing the Porsche GTi Motors 993 C2 10th on the grid. Chris Dyer only missed out on the top ten by a split second putting the Chivers Solicitors Cayman S in 15th place followed by the Strasse 996 C2 piloted by Mike Johnson in 16th.

David Botterill in the Strasse 964 C2 qualified 23rd and Chris Whittle in the Strasse sister Cayman car qualified on 27th. The Class two Strasse pilots Struggled during qualifying with Paul ward placing the 968 CS down the order in 31st with David Griffiths in the Porsche 944 S2 DG Freight car just above in 30th place.


Race One


Chris Dyer got off to a flying start moving up the field into 12 place and was soon on the tail of Mark Koeberle and Andrew Duncan, by Lap two dyer found a gap and moved up on the inside on Koeberle and Duncan to take 9 th place, but the flying start was short lived as Andrew Duncan on lap three made a move on Dyer that can only be described as dangerous and unnecessary driving, side swiping Dyers Cayman and then again in what looked like a deliberate move hitting Dyer on the front and sending him into the gravel with front and rear end damage that resulted in the end of Dyers race with a broken steering column.


David Botterill also had a troubled race as Paul Livesey decided to use Botterills 964 as a brake shunting him up the rear resulting in rear end damage. Up to this point Botterill who had made a fantastic start taking four places was making steady progress working his way through the field and was up to 12 th place at one point, despite this Botterill managed to complete the race crossing the line 16 th overall 12 th in class.

Mike Johnson once again put in a blistering race despite still getting used to the set-up of his car bringing home the 996 C2 in 11 th place after a good battle with Paul Winter and team member Richard Ellis who finished just ahead of him in the 993 C2 in 10 th place. Chris Whittle in the second Strasse Cayman had a trouble free race and was making steady progress from the back of the field, unfortunately due to a long safety car period time was against him and he finished down the order in 27 th place.

Dave Griffiths in the Class two 944 was on fire and made a brilliantstart taking six places and was looking promising for a top ten finish, but unfortunately mechanical problems caused the car to slow resulting in Griffiths crossing the finish line in 24 th place. The second class two car of Paul ward made up three places coming home in 26 th place.

Race Two


The team worked hard during the break to get all the cars tuned, gremlins fixed and suspension tweaks adjusted, unfortunately Dyers Cayman was beyond repair for the second race and was retired.
Once again all the Strasse pilots where fast off the line but an early off track incident involving Karim Moudi once again brought out a long safety car period leaving only a short time to chase down the leading front pack. Despite this Richard Ellis put in a strong performance battling his way among the mid-field and holding off strong contenders from behind including team mate Mike Johnson to bring home the 993 in 8 th place to earn valuable team points.

Mike Johnson also looked very strong and had a good battle with the midfield993's eventually holding off Paul Winter to take 11 th place. David Botterill made a blistering start but struggled with the car and gradually fell back down the field to ultimately see the flag in 19 th place.

In Class two Dave Griffiths had gremlins once again slowing the car down but he put in a spirited drive to bring home the 994 7 th in class 23rd overall. It was just not going to be Strasse's weekend as again Paul Ward had Gremlins too knawing at the 944 who was struggling to keep consistent lap times eventually finishing in 27th place

Chris Dyer


Three laps in I got puntered in the side and rear by Andy Duncan he then decided to continue to hit me putting me in the gravel trap, there is just too much damage on the car to continue or compete in the second race.


Richard Ellis


On the hole pretty good, still getting used to the slicks and how the car behaves on the slicks, Brands Hatch is not really the circuit for me but it is growing on me and at the end of the day it’s been a good weekend for me.


Paul Ward


Race one was the better of the two races for me, I managed to get two of three places at the start but lost one back again and was going well but the car but it then started losing a little power, we found an air leak on the inlet manifold during the break we sealed it up and, I thought that would make the car quicker for race two but in fact it was slower so I think I ended up last but the car was about three seconds a lap slower than the first race.


Chris Whittle


Well the big news for me was the qualifying time I put in a 55 and managed to end up 5 place from the back of the grid which is good for me, unfortunately I gave it all away with a terrible start so that of course gave me a few problems but thinking about what happened after the race doesn't help very much you have to try and not think about it too much you have to just get out there and drive. There is always a fear factor on the start and the second start for the second race was much better and yes some of the drivers I expected to be slow in front of me and I managed to take them quick so that was great, the car felt like it was going fantastic a lot more planted this time, we managed the fuel better too.


David Botterill


Happy to be here, the car has just had a engine rebuild that the guys back in Leeds did in less than a week and was only fitted on Friday afternoon, During the first race the car felt fine, it was a very busy race, there was not much room with a full grid so there was lots of tussles and I took a bit of a whack during race that took a lot of time away from me. Race two again just like race one the safety car took most of the race time away and I just seemed to be struggling with under steer and the tyres going off.


Mike Johnson


Again I am still getting used to a fresh car, I don't know how long I can keep using that excuse but we have not had much testing with the car at all and we need to do few adjustment on the suspension so we have to use qualifying and the first race as a test, but we are trying our very best. The second race was a definite improvement to how it felt so we are definitely getting to some sort of base line with the suspension that we can work with and then just go from there, I need to keep moulding myself a little bit and get myself up to speed with the rest of the guys. I had a lovely dice with the other 996 cars and it was a close race, I really enjoyed it and it was good fun just what racing is all about.


David Griffiths


Once again I need to sort out my qualifying out but once that is sorted I think I will be up there in the middle of the pack, in the first race we did well but we had a problem half way through the race with a mechanical problem possibly an electrical problem. In race two I made a cracking start and I was working my way through the pack but sadly after all the hard work from the team during the break the same happened again we have to get that sorted for the next meeting.