Strasse for Porsche in Leeds.
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Strasse Motorsport 2013


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Red Flags, Ticking offs and DNF’s all in a day’s work for Strasse



After a long summer break the Strasse team travelled south to Castle Combe for rounds nine and ten of the Porsche Club GB Championship.

The team where back to full strength apart from the class two driver Paul Ward who had announced a few weeks ago that he would not be competing in the championship for the remainder of the season.

Richard Ellis piloting the GTi Motors Strasse 993 C2 qualified in 8th place, Mike Johnson in the 996 C2 lined up on the grid in 12th place followed behind in 13th place was Chris Dyer in the Strasse number 9 Cayman S, David Botterill placed his 964 C2 in 17th place with Chris Whittle putting the second Cayman S number 92 in 19th, Dave Griffiths in Class two car qualified the DG Freight 944 S2 in 20th.


Race One


Chris Dyer made a good start making up four places slotting in to 12th place along with Mike Johnson who had also got off to a flying start making his way up to 8th place but the first race was short lived for everyone after a variety of incidents produced the red flag ending the first race of the day after only four laps. Richard Ellis had lost one place finishing in 9th place; David Botterill had gained a couple of places but the car started to experience exhaust problems that resulted in blowing the back bumper off slowing him down eventually crossing the line in 15th place while Chris Whittle lost one place coming home in 20th place. Dave Grittiths in Class two made up three places finishing in 18th place. The problems still went on after the finish of the race for the Strasse team as Chris Whittle and Dave Griffiths were called to the clerk of the course for allegedly over taking under yellows that resulted in a ticking off for both of them.

Race Two


After some minor repair work carried out to Chris Whittles gear box and Dave Botterills exhaust the team lined up for race two of the day hopping for a better bite of the cherry for round ten.

The race two went without incident for all Strasse pilots apart from Chris Dyer who once again had to retire due to engine problems, up until then Dyer had made steady progress and was looking strong among the front leaders. Richard Ellis once again was the Strasse pilot who finished the strongest crossing the line in 9th place, Ellis who started in 8th place performed well battling hard against the Porsche Boxsters and Porsche 966 class one cars. Mick Johnson in the 996 had a strong race and was improving on each lap closing down the leading pack until tyre wear forced him to drop the pace eventually crossing the finish line in 11th place. Dave Botterill in the 964 run a steady trouble free race coming home in 13th place. Chris Whittle finished in 18th place, Dave Griffiths in the class two Porsche 944 had to retire again with a fuel problem a problem that has dogged him all season


Chris Dyer


I got down into the 1.15’s during qualifying for the first time here at Castle Combe so I was well happy with that, We stiffened up the car for this weekend but I got off to a bad start in race one but managed to make up two or three places but then the safety car came out shortly followed by the red flag so that was the best I could do. I good a start in race two getting past a lot of traffic I had a cracking battle with Andrew Dunkan and Mike Johnson but with two laps to go I had a problem with the engine so had to retire.



Dave Griffiths


Race one was ok to say we only managed only four race laps but we finished behind the leading 944, unfortunately during race two we had the same fuelling problem that dogged us all season but hopefully we found what the problem is so the team will take it back to the workshop and fix it.

Richard Ellis


It was a very hot day and I did well in qualifying but I got mugged at the start of race one so I had to play catch up for the first few laps but with a few bad incidents on the track it got red flagged but everyone was ok so that the main thing. I got a good start in race two and had some good battles, the car felt really good I just need some new tyres.



Mike Johnson


It went ok today we qualified good and I got a really good start, the gaps where there and I managed to get up to the front it was a shame the race was cut short due to the accidents but thank god everyone was ok. I got a good start again in race two but it was a bit tighter than race one and ended up having a bit a rub with someone I don’t know who and then I dropped back a couple of few places I managed to get some places back but the tyres shot up on temperature and the car got a bit snakey and I ended up dropping a few places, so in all it was a good weekend and I would just like to say thank you to the team for a wonderful meal the other night.


David Botterill


Race one was not really a race due to the safety car laps so a bit of non-event, race two I got stuck behind a couple of cars during the start but still managed to make up a couple of places but I’m happy the way the car handle.

Chris Whittle


I had a problem with the gear linkage during qualifying but the team managed to fix it before race one. The first race was quit a complicated race I lost a couple of places at the start, I started to gain the places back again but a class two car was blocking me but having said that the tussle I had with Dave Griffiths myself and car 35 was also very interesting but in lap four a car went through the tyres that stop you cutting the corner an incident that resulted in a yellow flags and soon after an accident happened at Camp corner resulting in a red flag. I good a good start in race two and managed to make up a few places but I just did not have the speed of the other cars and ended up losing them again.