Strasse for Porsche in Leeds.
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Strasse Motorsport 2013


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Porsche in Motorsport

4th Place Finish for Ellis at Outlon Park



The Strasse team where looking to continue the improving developments of the Cayman at rounds eleven and twelve of the Porsche Club Championship at Oulton Park. With only two weeks since the last outing the team had worked hard to rebuild the engine of Chris Dyer’s Cayman after a bottom engine fault at Castle Combe.

Once again it was an early start for the championship has the cars readied for the first qualifying season of the day, Richard Ellis in the GTi Motors Porsche 993 C2 qualified best in 9th place with Mike Johnson in the Porsche 996 C2 in 10th followed by Chris Dyer in the Chivers Solicitors Porsche Cayman S in 11th place. David Botterill in the Porsche 964 C2 struggled with his car during the season putting the car 16th on the grid. Chris Whittle in the second Cayman S qualified in 19th place while the class two DG Freight 944 Porsche of Dave Griffiths qualified 22nd 6th in class.


Race One


Race one was a well fort battle with plenty of tussles for the Strasse pilots once again Mike Johnson pushed the 996 to the limit and was keeping up front and on pace with the leading pack until a problem with a front damper forced him the ease back the pace in order the save the car from any further damage eventually finishing in a well placed 7th. Richard Ellis crossed the finish line in 8th place after a trouble free race apart from a tyre deprivation issue that also forced the Strasse pilot to slow the pace down during the final last laps of the race. Chris Dyer in the Strasse Cayman development car finished in 11th place, this was only the second race of the season that the car had completed a full race witch shows the commitment and patient the team has for the future development of the Cayman. David Botterill had an incident free race crossing the finish line in 15th place. Chris Whittle got off to great start and was progressing well and improving lap times until a coming together resulted in puncture forcing Whittle to retire from the race. In Class Two Dave Griffiths also had tyre problems forcing him slow down eventually finishing in 21st place.


Race Two


With new tyres fitted and problems fixed the team headed back out for race two, one problem that the team was unable to fix was the leaking oil from Mike Johnson’s front Damper on the Porsche 996, Mike had made a decision during the break to run the car in race two despite the leaking damper. Richard Ellis got off to a flying start and was soon involved in a battle with John McCullagh and Steve Cheetham a battle that was soon joined by team mate Chris Dyer who was looking fast and threatening until a water hose failed leaving Dyer fighting to stop the car going into spin has the water sprayed onto the slick tyres, Dyer was forced to retire the car once again resulting in DNF. Meanwhile the battle continued with Ellis who due to two drivers been excluded for an on track incident resulted in Ellis finishing in a well-earned 4th place. Despite struggling with a damaged damper Mike Johnson still managed to finish in 8th place, David Botterill also finished in the top ten bringing the home the 964 in 10th place, Chris Whittle finished just outside of the top ten.

Dave Griffiths


The first race was acceptable for me I finished ok but the front tyres went off dropping me back. The second race I fitted new tyres this helped me get off to a better start and progress up the filed but I was not able to fend off the more powerful cars but it was good to finish both races for the first time this year.

Richard Ellis


It’s been a good day, I got a top ten qualifying for both races, I had lots of tussles in the first race and enjoyed it but my tyres where shot. The second race was very much the same has the first I raced my socks off and enjoyed the weekend.



Mike Johnson


The first race was wonderful and went well and we are defiantly improving with the car and was happy with the start, I was keeping up front with the leading group but they started to pull away, so still a little work to do with the car but we are going in the right direction, we also started to lose oil out of the front nearside damper at the backend of the race, we could not fix the problem so we decided to go out for the second race with the damaged damper, it was a little dippy but it held together, we could not take any of the kerbs but we managed to keep out of everyone’s way and just plugged away the best we could.


David Botterill


It’s been a good weekend, I did not qualify that good but I did go out on old tyres. The first race I had some good battles with a number of drivers. The second race it was the same story, I got off to a good start but a car put some oil down that slowed everyone down I did manage to close up on the field but I ran out of time.

Chris Whittle


Well what an exciting day, Again a day of almost two parts qualifying went well but I was disappointed with the result of the first race, I got off to a good start and pushed hard but a coming together resulted in the tyre valve coming off so I had to ditch the car and ended up watching the race from Shell Oil’s corner. We fixed the car ready for the second race and again I good off to a good start and was pleased with the lap times I was putting in, there was a lot of cars who did not finish so I was grateful not to be one of the DNF's for a change.

Chris Dyer


The first race a got a cracking start and had a good battle with team mate Richard Ellis and also John Mcullagh, but I lost my brakes and ended up getting stuck behind a backmarker allowing Richard to get away from me and also John to retake the position. The second race a made a couple of places within the first lap and was going well until a water hose give way so I had to retire the car, but I am pleased with the car and are happy  the way its handling.