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Strasse Motorsport 2013


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Strong Team performance from Strasse at Silverstone Triple Header




Richard Ellis was quickest of the Club runners in Saturday morning’s qualifying session – his first pole on the series in the Strasse 993 C2 “I really like the GP circuit,” said Ellis, “and the car felt strong. I was hoping for a good result and now I have to put it into practice in the races!” Chris Whittle qualified well in 8th place in the Porsche Cayman S followed by Chris Dyer in 10th in the second Cayman S. Mike Johnson missed qualifying due to an engine mount failure. Dave Griffths in the class 2 Porsche 944 qualified 11th in class. For the first time this season David Botterill was not racing this weekend.


Race One


The rain started to fall as the cars headed out onto their parade lap – catching the entire field on slicks and a dry set up. Ellis got off to a flying start just managing to stop the sliding on the first corner but the west conditions were a handful for the 993 and Ellis soon lost out to Bradshaw and McAleer.

Places were changing in this group regularly, Ellis soon fought his way back into second, and they were joined mid-race by the charging Mike Johnson; up from the back of the grid after missing qualifying due to a broken engine mount. Their dice came to a head into Village near the end of the race, a dive from Johnson down the inside taking him past everyone and briefly into second, only to go wide and the others moved back past. Onto the Wellington Straight McAleer challenged the out of position Ellis, only to go wide himself and onto the plastic ‘grass’, spinning out and putting Ellis back in second and taking the 2nd place podium with Johnson in an impressive 4th place, Dave Griffths in the class two Porsche 944 finished 8th in class.

Chris Dyer in the Porsche Cayman S was enjoying the wet weather as the mid-engine of the Caman was soon picking off the rear engine 911s and was looking promising for a podium until Gary Marsh T boned Dyre splitting the tyre valve resulting in Dyer having pull over and stop the car, the second Strasse Cayman driven by Chris Whittle also had bad luck spinning off and beaching the car deep into the gravel.

Race Two


Ellis was under pressure from the start as Bradshaw flew past him on the first corner, Ellis again managed to fend off Morris and McAleer. Ellis was not able to close the gap on Bradshaw who was able to pull away for the win and keep his title challenge on track, Ellis continuing his fine Silverstone form with another second place ahead of McAleer and Morris. “It’s turning out to be a good day, we are quick in the dry and the wet,” said Ellis. “I didn’t make the best of starts and that let the others get ahead, and it was hard getting back up to second, by which time Tom had disappeared.”

Mike Johnson in the Porsche 996 pushed the car to its limit, having to start again from the back due to not qualifying, Johnson showed just how good a driver he his picking his way through the field eventually finishing in 7th place. Chris Dyer got a good start and was soon involved in a battle with one of the guest Cayman cars, the battle went all the way with a bumper to bumper race putting on a spectacular show for the Silverstone crowds. Dyer also did well to avoid an accident at the end of the race as the Cayman in front of him ran out of petrol almost stopping the car in front of Dyer. Dyer had to take avoiding action sliding the car sideways inches from the pit wall before correcting the car and pointing the car in the right direction, Dyer finished 9th in class.

Chris Whittle was also putting on a show and was soon on the tail of team mate Dyer, it was a fast and furious for Whittle who crossed the finish line 10th in class.

In Class two Dave Griffths was off to a good start and was leading the 944s and chasing the leading class two pack, but perhaps Griffths was pushing a little two hard as the car snapped out from under him sending him into a spin losing three places. Griffths finish the second race 8th in class.

Race Three


Ellis once again got a good start and was in fourth by the midpoint of the race and was closing the gap for third each lap, it looked like a third podium for Ellis has he closed the gap to third by 3 seconds with a 4 laps to go but is luck ran out has he had to retired with a gearbox problem.

Luckily for Johnson the makeshift repair on Saturday to the engine mount held out as Johnson again put in a storming race carving his way through the field coming home in 6th place. Chris Dyer had a lonely race has he ended up between the leading pack and the midfield pack for the majority of the race coming home in 7th place.

Chris Whittle struggled in race three has the tyre pressures on the Cayman went too high making the handling of the car difficult to handle. Despite this, Whittle still managed to finish 8th. In Class two Dave Griffths in the Porsche 944 had a better race and was also battling with Team mate Dyer for the first few laps, Griffths finished 6th in class.


Chris Dyer


I got a cracking start with the traction control on and was picking cars off for fun until I came to pass Gary Marsh who T boned me ripping off the tyre valve so I had to pull over and end the race.

Race Two

I got a good start there was four or five of us sat nose to tail, I had some really good dices with the other Cayman I got held up a few times with traffic and people blocking just general bad driving but at the end of the day I finished 11th the car felt good I had a little issue with the brakes but in all a goods days racing.

Race Three

I got a good start there was four or five of us sat nose to tail, I had some really good dices with the other Cayman I got held up a few times with traffic and people blocking just general bad driving but at the end of the day I finished 11th the car felt good I had a little issue with the brakes but in all a goods days racing.




Dave Griffiths


The rain took us all by surprise, we were running on silks and the heavens opened, the circuit resembled a skid pan for the hole race with everyone sliding all over the place but I managed to stay on the circuit we did a good job today, the car ran well and I am happy and looking forward to the second race.

Race Three

We ended up on a high for race three I had a cracking dice with the other two Porsche 944s and my team mate Chris Dyer in the Cayman so all in all we ended on a high.

Race Two

I was the lead 944 for the majority of the race but unfortunately due to driver error we had a spin on one of the bends that put me back three places so I spent the rest of the race chasing the places I had lost, but all in all I enjoyed the race it was very very tiring but still I enjoyed the race.


Richard Ellis


That was brilliant the only problem was being first into the first corner finding out just how greasy the track was resulting in me going wide so tom managed to sneak past me and from then on it was a complete 20 minutes of battling it was good fun but scary at the same times as well, but the car was brilliant it handled fantastic.

Race Two

Again fantastic race, but I got bogged own at the start of the race and made it hard on myself I think I ended up 4th going into beckets from pole so it made it hard work but battled hard for the next 10 minutes and managed to get up to second and was closing the gap on tom but to fare I think Tom was backing off Pete Morris did start to close the gap on me but I managed to hold him off so it was great fun and the car felt good in the dry.

Race Three

I started on the front row in 2nd place with is better than been on pole because you’re on the inside but it was the only damp place on the grid so I knew I was going to lose some places from the start so it was not a big surprise went it happened. As the race unfolded I had some good battles and the car was getting quicker and quicker and I knew I could catch them up so I pushed and pushed and was looking good for third but I buzzed the engine and blow the gearbox and engine so I had to pull the car over.




Mike Johnson


It was a little bit difficult at the start of the day with the engine mount collapsing has we took the car of the trailer so we had to start at the back of the grid but we came through and got 4th place so it was interesting and totally enjoyed it, it would have being nice to qualify you never know where we could have come but hey we are out there, a big thanks for everyone who helped to get me out there for the first race.

Race Two

Need to do better that four words for you, with not qualifying we had to start at the back of the grid again for race two but we did manage to get up to the leading pack so that should help us on the grid for race three. The race was hard work I could not catch the leading cars but the car is still in one pieces so we shall see what tomorrow brings.

Race Three

We’ll it’s better to start higher up on the grid it was nice and dry today, I had a good race battling with Kevin and Marcus and it was just us three and no one could make the move in fact it would be a do or die challenge and I was not going to do that from where I was, I was hoping that the cars in front would have a little ding dong and I could pick up a couple of places but that did not happen. But the car went well and we are all in one piece plus a big thank you to the team for getting me out for all three races.




David Botterill


Race one was not really a race due to the safety car laps so a bit of non-event, race two I got stuck behind a couple of cars during the start but still managed to make up a couple of places but I’m happy the way the car handle.

Chris Whittle


Well for me the first race was disappointing, I qualified well and the car felt good but I ended up with a little graining on the front tyre and the tyre pressures went up and with the track completely soaked and with the tyres over pressure and I had a spin that put me back a lot of places and then I threw it into the gravel in fact I was that bedded into the gravel the tow truck pulled off the towing eye so everything to do for the second race.

Race Two

I had a fantastic race, I had a good position on the grid, I got a good start and was following Chris Dyer for a good part of the race, I had a good tussle with Andy Dunken and Sturat Inggs I overtook them then they overtook me but then I spun the car but managed to catch them up again, it was fast and furious right to the end I think from time to time there where three abreast maybe four at times, very close racing it was clean race no touches and a fabulous days racing I really enjoyed it.

Race Three

I was chasing the middle pack but ended up at the front of the back pack, I was putting in 2.28s yesterday today 2.33s the tyres started of 23 and when we got back to the paddock there were still at 33s so maybe I was taking the corners wrong or the tyres where to high so a disappointing race for me but I still enjoyed it.