Strasse for Porsche in Leeds.
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Strasse Motorsport 2014


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Morris and Toon pick up three podium spots for Strasse at Croft

With the team running six cars this weekend there was little time for rest on the Friday during testing and more so when the team arrived on the Saturday morning greeted with very damp conditions and dark skies. There was no way of predicting if it was going to rain or not so the order of the day was to run wets during qualifying and the first race, but the ever changing British weather resulted in tyres been changed from wets to slicks then slicks to wets and again slicks back to wets all within minutes before the race, eventfully all the cars lined up for the first race of the day just on time. Due to some cars having to start on the pit line after having changed tyres on the parade lap Morris in the PMC Midlands 968 CS who qualified fourth place was alone on row two Richard Ellis who qualified in fifteenth place was on row three and had also decided to take a gamble and stay on slick tyres.

Race One

Eventually the green flag was waved and all the cars got underway closely followed by the cars released form the pit lane. Bradshaw soon eased away Leaving Morris battling McCullagh for second place. Morris was stronger and soon opened a gap on McCullagh but the gap between himself and leader Bradshaw was far too great to close taking the chequered flag in a well-deserved second place. Chris Dyer who qualified in ninth place in the Redline Porsche 911 World Porsche Cayman S made up four places finishing fifth after a long battle with Class Two winner Livesey. Next over the line was David Botterill who made up two places from twelvth to finish in tenth place. Richard Ellis’ gamble to run on slicks unfortunately did’nt pay off as he struggled in the damp conditions unable to get any heat or grip into the Pirelli tyres eventually coming home in seventh place. In Class two Andrew Toon qualified in thirteenth place in the PMC Midlands 968 CS. Toon had also decided to gamble on slicks, one, two, three laps went by with the team ready to make a quick pit stop to change the tyres from slicks to wets but Toon decided to hang on and battle it out coming home in fifth place. Hugo Holmes in the Freeman Jewellers, CS Signs 968 CS battled hard in the damp conditions a determined fight saw Holmes make up two places taking sixteenth place fourth in class.

Race Two

The rain had eased off during the afternoon and it was a dry track for race two despite the looming dark clouds above. Sumpter and Bradshaw made a good start from the front row and we’re soon in a head-to-head battle going into the first corner closely followed by Morris. Bradshaw began to put a gap between himself and the chasing pack behind him, but by lap three his 996 was starting to plume smoke from behind and Bradshaw was battling with no power-steering. Slater who was battling hard with his team mate Sumpter made a dramatic exit from the race after a brake failure into Tower corner coming off the circuit and into an adjacent field.

By this time the officials started to display the warning flag to Bradshaw who pitted and retired at the end of lap eight, this left Morris battling with Sumpter for first place. Richard Ellis now in third had caught team mate Morris and was pushing hard to take second place off Morris But Ellis pushed too hard resulting in an engine issue forcing him pull off making him one of the seven DNF’s.  Morris battled all the way to the end with Sumpter taking second place.

Peter Morris

It was a bit of a raffle on what tyres to go for, we kept changing our mind but in the end went to wets and I was thinking ‘please rain’ and it did. They were going off at the end as we couldn’t change the suspension setting at the front, but I am happy with second. The start of race two was a bit cramped because Tom pushed Mark off and he went wide so I came up on the inside of him and as I came round to the S’s Mark reappeared. I don’t know how he got there so I had to avoid the S’s and take the escape road so I did that and knew mark had the pace so I left him to chase Tom down and he pushed him hard and then Tom’s power assisted belt went  and caused him to stop. Adrian Slater disappeared into the field about 100 miles an hour in front of me, then cars started to drop oil all over the place but we managed to hold on.

David Botterill who had also been racing in the Northern Sports Car Championship during the day put in a thrilling battle to force his way through the field and up to the rear bumper of team mate Chris Dyer’s Cayman. Botterill won the battle eventually getting ahead of Dyer crossing the line in fifth place with Dyer in sixth place. In Class two Andy Toon started race two third on the grid and put in a commanding battle dominating the class two field taking first place. Hugo Holmes took fourth place again earning valuable points for the team championship.

David Botterill

Fantastic Day for me winning and taking a second in the Northern Sports car Championship, In the Porsche Club Championship I had to start from the pit lane after changing to wets but the car felt good. In the second race the going was dry and the car handled well and I was delighted to finish in fifth place, I could have done better but I was right up behind Paul Livesley and I didn’t see the oil on the track and I did a bit of rally cross across the grass and four and five cars past me but I fought my way back to take fifth.

Andy Toon

A great weekend. I was a bit disappointed with the first race maybe the tyre choice but I just stayed out there and just hung in for some points. The second race, that’s how I wanted to do it. Go out there and keep in the thick of it from the start and hunt down. I qualified third on the grid so I knew I would have to work hard to get past the cars in front of me, it was a long hard race but the car went well and it was a great win.

Richard Ellis

Qualifying went well and we put the slicks on for the first race but it then started to rain heavy so I decided to stay out on them but I was unable to get any heat or grip into them. In the second race I started to have some good battles and was up to third but for whatever reason I broke the engine so hopefully we can get it fixed without too much expense.

Chris Dyer

It was a bit of a weird qualifier what with the weather and stuff so in the race we decided to go for full wets after seeing the dark clouds coming over and we got a good head start. The traction control on the car was excellent you could actually drive it and we ended up 5th in class, it’s a good car to drive and handles well so I’m really pleased with that. Race two I got a good start and moved up a few place and I ended up in a battle with David but he was on new tyres and I was on old ones so he managed to get better of me but I’m happy with the results and I’m looking forward to Silverstone.

Hugo Holmes

It’s been a good day me. Chris and i discussed the set ups before the race and we reset some of the settings on my car and  it really paid off because in the first race we ended up been in the wet so we put everything back to soft setting and it went well and i managed to get a fourth place. Then we went back to the dry settings for race two but I think I got the tyre pressures wrong so they were a little too soft and when we came in they were on around twenty six instead of thirty so I felt a little bit of movement when racing but I’m pleased with two fourths, onwards and upwards I say.