Strasse for Porsche in Leeds.
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Strasse Motorsport 2015


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Strasse motorsport results 2015




Fuel Protect Porsche Club Championship with Pirelli:


  • Round One (26 Laps):

    1 Pete Morris (996 C2);
    2 Mark McAleer (996 C2) +0.328s;
    3 Kevin Harrison (996 C2);
    4 Craig Wilkins (996 C2);
    5 Paul Winter (996 C2);
    6 Karim Moudi (996 C2);
    7 Mike Johnson (996 C2);
    8 Chris Dyer (Cayman S);
    9 Tim Speed (968 CS);
    10 David Botterill (964 C2).

    Class Winners: Morris; Speed; James Cameron (911 Carrera). Fastest Lap: McAleer 52.246s (83.23mph).

  • Round Two (21 Laps):

  • 1 Mark McAleer (996 C2);
    2 Pete Morris (996 C2) +0.157s;
    3 Paul Winter (996 C2);
    4 Kevin Harrison (996 C2);
    5 Chris Dyer (Cayman S);
    6 Karim Moudi (996 C2);
    7 Tim Speed (968 CS);
    8 Jonathan Evans (Boxster S);
    9 Stuart Ings (Boxster S);
    10 David Botterill.

    Class Winners: McAleer; Speed; Cameron. Fastest Lap: Winter 52.687s (82.53mph).



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Porsche in Motorsport

Morris kick start his championship defence with win at Brands

Morris kick start his championship defence with win at Brands
2014 Diver and Team champions Team Strasse travelled to Brands Hatch 1st May for rounds one and two of the Porsche Club Championship 2015. Returning for his second year with the \Strasse team Pete Morris is looking to become the first driver in championship’ history to take the drivers’ championship in two consecutive years, Chris Dyer returns in is Cayman S for the third year in class one with Andy Toon and Hugo Holmes continuing there charge on obtaining the class two championship. David Botterill moves to class two for the first year in is 964 C2 now eligible for class two.


The 20-minute session saw Morris take the top spot with Team mate Botterill taking the class two pole, Dyer qualified in sixth place. Holmes qualified in fifth place in class two with Toon taking the sixth spot..

Race One

Defending champion Morris made the best start, holding off McAleer into the first corner at Paddock Hill Bend, Dyer made a poor start spinning the wheels on the start line dropping him back a few places. In class Two Botterill lost out on the first corner to the number 18 car of Speed. Bad look soon followed for Hugo Homles heading into lap two when he was t-boned resulting the car been too badly damaged to continue this produced an early Safety Car period to retrieve the damaged car of Holmes. When the action restarted the front two broke clear, leaving Harrison to fight off his pursuers in third. For lap after lap McAleer looked for a way past Morris, despite McAleer’s efforts Morris held on to start his title defence with a win, the Class Two battle was equally tight, Speed having to defend from the ever-present Botterill as they worked their way through the back-markers but despite every attempt by Botterill he was unable to pass crossing the line to take second place in class two. Dyer had fought his way back from the early set back and despite an off track moment clawed his way back to take eighth place.

“That was a cracking race,” said Morris. “I was having to defend a lot from Mark, but you can do that really well here, I had the pace of him down the straight and into Paddock Hill Bend. It all went to plan, a brilliant start to the season.”

“I had to work for that,” said Speed, “Dave Botterill kept me more than honest. I got sideways off the line but held it together and got round people. We had a great battle, he got back to me, was right alongside once, and it was an enjoyable race.”

Race Two

Morris lost out the McAleer who got the best getaway Morris had to fight hard to hold off Harrison who was in third Morris wasted no timein trying take the lead Immediately looking for a way past McAleer in the early laps. But carnage soon followed in the class two filed resulting in a number of cars badly damaged bringing out the Safety Car out with cars off on both sides of the track at Druids.

The Green flag was waved after three laps under yellows and the fight was back on McAleer had to fight hard to keep Morris from taking the first spot slamming the door shut with both cars nose to tail crossing the finish line. Chris Dyer made a good start and was on the back of the leading front cars until an engine heating problem forced him to back off until the heating fans reset themselves, this resulted in the leading pack pulling away and Dyer crossing the line in fifth place. In Class two Botterill looked comfortable to take the class two win but on the restart he got blocked in behind the back markers losing a number of places and was unable to fight his way back through the filed crossing the line in fourth place. Andy Toon was unable to start the second race due to an engine problem that was discovered during the break by the Strasse team


Pete Morris No 1 Porsche 996 C2

“I made a poor start and McAleer got ahead of me, and it was just so hard to get past. Mark and I respect each other and can race close like that. I left here last year with a win and a second place and went on to take the title, so I’m happy to do the same today. It was it angry in class two that was unfortunate for Hugo there was lot of people not behaving themselves but the class one drivers did. They cut the race short so maybe I could have taken McAleer if I had an extra lap”

Chris Dyer No 9 Porsche Cayman S

“I had good battle in the first race but Mike Johnson Car was leaking fluid and I was unable to see anything out of the window, the car was understeering all the time with the amount of fluid coming from Mikes car. But I was pleased with Seventh place. In race two I made a cracking start and was to fifth behind the leading pack but I forgot to put on the fans so I had to drop off the place to let the engine cool down but I got boxed in on the restart after the safety car but I managed to take fifth so I am well happy with that”.

David Botteril No 8 Porsche 964 C2

I did what I had to do from the start in race two and managed to make god gap between myself and the second place car but the safety car came out and I managed to get myself boxed in on the restart at Paddock Hill and lost the lead and I managed to get boxed in again with the back markers losing a few more places finishing fourth, I am bit gutted with that but in all the car handled good and I was happy with the way it handled”.

Hugo Holmes No 24 Porsche 968CS


“It could have been better I qualified fifth but I did want to better but I was looking after my tyres for the race but unfortunately in race one my car was beyond repair after the incident on lap two. It was unfortunate I was up to third in class and I felt I had the power and capability to take second but I lost out today due to some crazy driving”.

Next Rounds: Silverstone Grand Prix circuit June 20th.