Strasse for Porsche in Leeds.
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Strasse Motorsport 2015


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Strasse motorsport results 2015



Fuel Protect Porsche Club Championship with Pirelli


  • Round Seven:

    1 Gary Duckman (Boxster S);
    2 Peter Morris (996 C2) +0.284s;
    3 Craig Wilkins (996 C2);
    4 Paul Winter (996 C2);
    5 Kevin Harrison (996 C2);
    6 Mike Johnson (996 C2);
    7 Karim Moudi (996 C2);
    8 Chris Dyer (Cayman S);
    9 Steve Cheetham (Boxster S);
    10 Jonathan Evans (Boxster S).

    Class Winners: Duckman; Cheetham. Fastest Lap: Morris 1m39.007s (88.47mph).

  • Round Eight:

  • 1 Wilkins;
    2 Duckman +0.423s;
    3 Morris;
    4 Johnson;
    5 Harrison;
    6 Dyer;
    7 Moudi;
    8 Winter;
    9 Evans;
    10 Tim Speed (968 CS).

    Class Winners: Wilkins; Evans. Fastest Lap: Duckman 1m39.547s (87.99mph).

    Next Races: Snetterton, Norfolk, August 22nd.




Porsche in Motorsport

Hard Fought Battle At Brands Keeps Title Defence Alive For Morris

Team Strasse were back at Brands Hatch racing on the full Grand Prix circuit for rounds seven and eight of the Fuel Protect Porsche Club Championship with Pirelli. The team who are currently leading the team championship where looking to extend the gap even further. Pete Morris kept his championship defence alive with a second and third place.


Pete Morris was unable to continue is domination in taking pole losing out to Gary Duckman who made it two poles out of two on his return to the series, thinking that the team had secured the pole position the team pitted the PCM Midlands /Strasse 996 Porsche only for Duckman to beat Morris’s pole setting time leaving it too late for Morris to take back first spot before the chequered flag fell, But Morris’s took the second best time putting him on the front of the grid for race two. Team Mate David Botterill placed his Strasse 964 Porsche on pole in class two for both races.

Race One

Pete Morris in the PCM Midlands Porsche 996 C2 who had secured pole in the morning’s qualifying session lost out to the Boxster S of Duckman heading into the first corner as the field of 21 cars got underway, Morris soon managed to pull clear from Wilkins in is 996 C2 in third leaving Morris to concentrate on trying to take back the lead. Meanwhile Chris Dyer in the Millers Oils / Strasse Cayman S found himself battling with the 996 of Karim Moudi both spending most of the race trading position for seventh.

Morris and Duckman both traded fastest laps throughout the race with Morris trying every trick in the book to find a way past Duckman, but despite his best efforts Morris had to settle for the second podium step. Moudi got the better of Dyer to take seventh spot resulting in Dyer having to settle for eighth, Dyer later reported that he had had to ease of the power heading into the corners due to braking difficulties on the Cayman S. In class two David Botterill in the Strasse 964 C2 was struggling to find grip and speed forcing him further down the field eventually crossing the finish line eighth in class.

Hugo Holmes in the class two Freeman Jewellers 968 CS Porsche and team mate Andy Toon in the second Strasse class two 968 CS PCM Midlands Porsche found themselves battling each other for fifth place with both drivers almost exchanging paint on more than one occassion. With no team orders to obey they were left to entertain the crowds and battle it out between themselves, but it was Toon who won the battle taking fifth place with Holmes taking sixth.

Race Two

Wilkins and Morris were on the front row for race two and both got good starts, but it was Wilkins again who got the upper hand taking Morris on the outside through Paddock Hill Bend to snatch the lead. Meanwhile Duckman had won the battle behind with Johnson and was now up to third and closing down on Morris and it was not long after that that Duckman made a move heading into Druids to take second place off Morris. All three drivers were bumper to bumper but Morris was unable to make a pass finishing race two in third place. Dyer was looking to improve from his first race and soon found himself in a battle for fourth with Harrison and Johnson, but despite Dyers best efforts he had to settle for sixth place with Harrison taking fifth and Johnson taking fourth.

David Botterill has been on form this season alongside Morris for the Strasse team but it was not his weekend as once again he found himself struggling with the Porsche 964 in class two finishing eighth in class. Andy Toon almost made it onto the podium again finishing fourth after a hard fought battle with Higgins and Cheetman. Hugo Holmes had a frustrating race that resulted in a DNF, Holmes found himself behind a slower car and was finding it difficult to find a way past, his only option was to go for it, so he did, heading into Paddock Hill Bend. Unfortunately the move did not pay off and Holmes went wide beaching the Porsche 968 in the gravel.


Pete Morris No 1 Porsche 996 C2

”The car did not feel right after Craig hit me I just had no rear wheel grip the car was steeping out on me and Johnson was spitting oil out, that held me up but far play to him he has some skill I think we touched and I got past him. I held back to see if the leading two would slip up but in the end I had to settle for third. I also had fresh tyres on, so something was’nt working right with the car but I got some points and I am still leading the championship so jobs a good one”.

Chris Dyer No 9 Porsche Cayman S

“I good a good start in both races I managed to pass Mike Johnson and Karim Moudi but then I had a problem with the brakes and i could’nt stop the car. We made some changes with the brakes for race two and it felt a lot better but they went again in the first lap but then they came back again and seemed to be ok for the rest of the race so back to the drawing board with that little problem”.

David Botteril No 8 Porsche 964 C2

“The car just did not feel right this weekend something is not right so we don’t know what it is yet the car was down on power coming out of the corners it was all about salvaging some points today. It’s very close at the top in class two we all we all seem to be taking points off each other so we will see what Snetterton has to offer”.

Hugo Holmes No 24 Porsche 968CS


“I got a good start in race one and made it up to six but I had a fuel serge problem again so we are going to have to fix that. I managed to pass Andy but he got the position back off me again so I had to settle for sixth. In race two I got a good start again but was blocked behind car 44, he was so much slower but was swerving all over the place so I had to try something but I out braked myself heading into paddock and the gravel is so deep there it just sucked me in”.

Andy Toon No 10 Porsche 968CS


“A mixed day today, but we have beaten the menaces. This is our third visit to Brands but the first time we have finished both races so that good. It’s a shame about the first race I had a problem with the throttle linkage but we still finished fifth. The second race I was hoping for a podium but the cars in front were all on fresh tyres but I managed to catch them at the end, I was almost there but I am happy with fourth again gaining valuable points for the team”.


Team Strasse Will next Travel To Brands Hatch, Kent, August 1st For Rounds Seven And Eight.