Strasse for Porsche in Leeds.
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Strasse Motorsport 2015


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Strasse motorsport results 2015



Fuel Protect Porsche Club Championship with Pirelli


  • Race one:

    1 Craig Wilkins (996 C2);
    2 Mark McAleer (996 C2) +0.712s; 3
    Pete Morris (996 C2);
    4 Paul Winter (996 C2);
    5 Kevin Harrison (996 C2);
    6 Mike Johnson (996 C2);
    7 Chris Dyer (Cayman S);
    8 Steve Cheetham (Boxster S);
    9 Tim Speed (968 CS);
    10 Andy Toon (968 CS);

    Class Winners: Wilkins; Cheetham; John Gilmore (944 S2).
    Fastest Lap: Morris 2m07.240s (83.99mph).

  • Round Twot:

  • 1 Pete Morris;
    2 Harrison +5.492s;
    3 Winter;
    4 Dyer;
    5 Cheetham;
    6 Speed;
    7 Jonathan Evans (Boxster S);
    8 David Botterill (964 C2);
    9 Toon; 10 Hugo Holmes (968 CS)

    Class Winners: Morris; Cheetham; Gilmore.
    Fastest Lap: Wilkins 2m06.111s (84.75mph).

    Next Races: Oulton Park, Cheshire, September 12th


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Porsche in Motorsport

Morris extends championship points at Snetterton

Team Strasse travelled east to Snetterton on the 21st  of  August for rounds Nine and Ten of the Fuel Protect Porsche Club Championship with Pirelli looking to extend both driver and team championship points. For many of the drivers it was going to be their first experience of the 300 circuit.

Pete Morris in the PCM Midlands Porsche 996 was posting fast times during testing on the Friday and was looking strong for the weekend ahead, but it was rival Wilkins who took pole with Morris only a split second behind. Chris Dyer in the Millers Oils Porsche Cayman S qualified in a strong fifth place. In class two the Strasse / Millers Oils Porsche 964 C2 driven by David Botterill qualified in sixth followed by Hugo Holmes in the Freeman Jewellers Porsche 968 CS and then Andy Toon in the second 968 CS EPC Electrolytic Plating / PCM Midlands sponsored car in eighth.

Race One

It’s very unusual to see Morris make any kind of mistake but with the lights still red Morris’s car lunged forwards leaving him a car length in front of the Wlikins, Morris corrected himself when the lights went green allowing Wilkins to take the lead making sure that he gained no advantage and evaded any penalties, as the field approached the first corner Wilkins was leading with Morris in second and McAleer in third with Dyer in fifth just behind Winter.
Morris was looking fast and posted the fastest time but was struggling to find a way past Wilkins with McAleer on Morris’s tail pipes. On lap six the leading order changed as McAleer moved up on Morris to take second after Morris was forced to ease off to cool the engine down which had soared in the blistering heat. The formation of the leading three remained the same to the chequered flag with Morris having to settle for third place.

Dyer was fast through the corners but was having to fend off the 996’s who clearly had the better of the straight line speed on the Cayman, Despite Dyer’s strong performance he was not able to defend fifth place and it was not long before Harrison and Johnson moved in front resulting in Dyer taking seventh place past the chequered flag.

The class two battle intensifies each meeting and Andy Toon was relentless throughout the race claiming third place over Higgins after a hard fought battle. Team mate Hugo Holmes is still looking for his first podium of the season in the Porsche 968 and was fast during practice but the bad luck that appears to be plaguing Holmes continued as he found himself stuck behind a class one car which had made a bad start on the green lights physically having to shove the car away in front of him. Meanwhile David Botterill in the Porsche 964 C2 had made a good start but was finding it hard to keep up with the Boxster eventually finishing the race in sixth place, despite his best efforts Holmes had to settle for seventh.

Race Two

Morris was eager to make up from the mistake in race one and soon corrected  it as he got ahead of Wilkins heading into the first corner. McAleer in third had to retire at the end of lap four with a car problem leaving Morris and Wilkins way out in front battling each other bumper-to-bumper. The two remained in the same formation throughout the race almost trading paintwork lap after lap, Wilkins was trying every move in the book to get past Morris who defended hard to keep his position, on the last lap Wilkins decided to make a move that was a little optimistic diving on the inside of Morris, the outcome was inevitable, both cars touched and touched hard forcing both cars into a spin and onto the grass. Wilkins car was too badly damaged to move Morris despite the heavy damage to the side of the car  was able to spin the car of the grass and finish the last lap ahead of the field taking his fifth win of the season.
Chris Dyer also put in strong performance battling with Paul winter for third but had to settle for fourth place gaining valuable points for the team championship while also moving him up to the fourth overall in the drivers’ championship.
In Class two it was Botterill who came out on top of the Strasse drivers taking fourth place after making a good start and forcing his way passed the field into fourth overall, unfortunately time was against him and he was not able to catch Evans who was in third. Holmes put in a good performance but with old tyres had to settle for sixth just behind team mate Toon who took fifth.


Pete Morris No 1 Porsche 996 C2

”The first race I made a jump start and the car was running hot, so I started the second race with heater on full blast to keep it cool and I was going for the win, I started second on the grid and managed to get in front of Craig, Craig is not slow and he kept me honest for the full race he got a bit enthusiastic at the end and managed to bash the side of the car but he came off worse, we had such a lead I managed to get back on the circuit and win the race so happy days”.

Chris Dyer No 9 Porsche Cayman S

“I had a bit of a mixed start in race one I was break tested by Winter at the start and I tapped him in the rear but he was forced into the pit wall soon after by McAleer so it was a bit of an eventful start. I was missing gears and the clutch pedal was sticking to the floor but I still managed to finish seventh so I am happy with that. Race two I got a good start, there were a number of cars that fell by the wayside and I ended up sitting with Paul Winter, but the car was getting too hot so I had to race with the heater on full and keep plugging away but I am happy with fourth”.

David Botteril No 8 Porsche 964 C2

“The car was back on song and its gone well today, it’s not a circuit I really like the new 300 layout it seemed to suit the boxsters better. In race two I got a good start and managed to claw my way through a few people and got up to fourth overall. I was catching Johnathan at the end, I just wish it was a 45 minute race instead of a 25 minute race I may have got third”.

Hugo Holmes No 24 Porsche 968CS


“: I got stuck behind a class one Cayman in the first race who I passed a total of three times who then passed me again  down the straights and held me up every time so by the time I managed to get passed them and really pull out a lead there was only about ten minutes to go so that was it. The second race I made cracking start and drove really well and had a good battle with Dave and Andy but I was racing on old tyres so they were a bit shot I could keep up but was unable to do anything else”.

Andy Toon No 10 Porsche 968CS


“I knew it was going to be a close race. I did not practice yesterday but I knew we could find a little bit of time in the race so it was important we had a good start and yes we had a great start managing to pass three cars on the first lap I had a good battle with Higgins and I managed to make my way through to take third place and the car handled brilliant it was perfect I am really pleased”.


Team Strasse Will next Travel To Brands Hatch, Kent, August 1st For Rounds Seven And Eight.