Strasse for Porsche in Leeds.
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Strasse Motorsport 2015


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Strasse motorsport results 2015



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  • Round eleven (13 laps):

    1 Mike Johnson (996 C2);
    2 Craig Wilkins 9996 C2) +3.200s;
    3 Chris Dyer (Cayman S);
    4 Kevin Harrison (996 C2);
    5 Karim Moudi (996 C2);
    6 Jonathan Evans (Boxster S);
    7 Steve Cheetham (Boxster S);
    8 Richard Higgins (996 C2);
    9 Tim Speed (968 CS);
    10 Andrew Toon (Boxster S)

    Class Winners: Johnson; Speed
    Fastest lap: Pete Morris (996 C2) 2m00.968s (80.10mph)

  • Round twelven (13 laps):

  • 1 Harrison;
    2 Johnson +0.478s;
    3 Mark McAleer (996 C2);
    4 Pete Morris (996 C2);
    5 Moudi;
    6 Wilkins;
    7 Dyer;
    8 Cheetham;
    9 Evans;
    10 Higgins.

    Class Winners: Harrison; Cheetham
    Fastest Lap: McAleer 1m52.275s (86.30mph)

    Final Rounds: Croft, North Yorkshire, September 26th


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Porsche in Motorsport

Podium finish for Dyer as team work hard to keep Title defence alive for Morris

Never before in the history of the Porsche Club GB Championship as any one driver claimed a back-to-back championship title and Pete Morris was in a commanding points lead heading into rounds eleven and twelve at Oulton Park on the 12th September, Pete Morris in PCM Midlands Porsche 996 C2 took both pole positions for race one and two and was looking like he could seal the 2015 championship title this weekend if he secured podium finishes in both races.

Race One

For the fifth time this season Morris took up the race from pole position at the wheel of his Porsche 996 as the cars lined up all on wets due the damp conditions. Despite getting off the line well at the start it was Craig Wilkins who got the upper hand and pulled clear heading into the first corner with the rest of the field trailing in the order of Morris, Johnson and Harrison, Chris Dyer in the Millers Oils / Strasse Porsche Cayman S was running just 0.2 seconds behind in fifth putting Harrison under pressure.

Morris was looking for a way past Wilkins but it was on lap three when the drama started, an error by Morris resulted in his car spinning on the wet grass and impacting heavily into barriers at Shell corner leaving his car stranded with both rear wheels of the ground and out of the race. This shuffled the order with Dyer now putting Harrison under more pressure for third Dyer was not only having to battle hard to take third but was also having to defend off Moudi who was on the tail of his Cayman. Lap after lap all three stayed in the same order, until the very last lap when Harrison missed a gear allowing Dyer to draw up alongside of him, it was now a drag race on the start finish straight to the chequered flag with Dyer taking third by only an inch.

In class two Andy Toon almost snatched third in the new EPC Electrolytic Plating Boxster S, up until Friday Toon had not even sat in the Strasse prepared car never mind race it, so to take fourth in the first race was an achievement in its self. Hugo Holmes despite feeling a little under the weather again put in a strong performance in the Porsche 968 CS Freeman Jewellers sponsored car finishing sixth in class, David Botterill in the Strasse 964 C2 had a frustrating race trying to find a way past one of the slower class one cars who was holding him up in the corners. Botterill eventually found a way past after some light contact with the class one car and started to close the gap, unfortunately time was against him and Botterill crossed the line in eighth place.

Race Two

Luckily there was no apparent damage to the running gear of Morris car so the team worked hard during the break to fix the heavy damage to the bodywork on the Porsche 996, Despite unable to fix the rear spoiler and rear downforce the car was ready to race, it was now a matter of gaining valuable points for Morris in order to keep in front of the championship title chase.

Starting again from pole Morris found himself battling to keep the lead right from the off as Harrison and Wilkins were soon alongside him with all three cars racing side by side heading into the first corner on what was now a dry track. Morris was unable to hold onto the lead as Harrison and Wilkins both passed him heading into lap two, it was evident that Morris was struggling with the down forces on the car with Johnson and McAleer passing him on lap three. Despite now been in fifth place Morris was still able to keep the chasing pack well within in grasp.

By lap 10 Wilkins pitted his car lifting Morris up to fourth as he crossed the finish line.
Chris Dyer started sixth in the Porsche Cayman and showed good pace during the first half of the race despite fighting tyre issues, Dyer spent most of race two battling with Wilkins and Moudi but it was always going to be an uphill struggle to repeat the podium finish from race one on old tyres.

In Class two the team lost Hugo Homes who had to drop out of the race due to illness. Andy Toon was now starting to get to grips with the new Boxster but was unable to find a way past Speed finishing the race in a respectable fifth place closely followed by team mate David Botterill in sixth.


Pete Morris No 1 Porsche 996 C2

“No Podium is very frustrating for me, it’s not my favourite circuit I have had a few accidents here before. I tripled stinted my tyres in order to save my tyres for croft but I got fourth so I am still leading the championship, the car did not handle well without the rear spoiler that’s somewhere in the corner at Shell, but I’m so grateful to my team for getting the car ready and enabling me to compete in the second race, I could do with the my team mates in class two to do well at Croft I know that David is fast round there”.

Chris Dyer No 9 Porsche Cayman S

“I got a mega start and was up on the back of Harrison with Moudi on the back of me, all three of us were sat nose to tail. I saw the last lap board and I knew where I was stronger so coming into the last corner I manged to take him on the inside and out dragged him to the line. In the second race I gambled with old tyres a gamble that that did not pay off, the car felt awful plus the cooling light came on”.

David Botteril No 8 Porsche 964 C2

“It was a disappointing day today, to see the wet conditions in the morning were also disappointing. I went out at qualifying and I could not get any feeling from the car so I did not qualify well at all. In race one I got held up by a class one car that completely ruined the race for me. Race two was dry and once again I got held up by the same person again, but this time I managed to get past them and ended up having a good battle with team mate Andy for a while but he got the better of me in the end”.

Andy Toon No 10 Porsche 968CS


“I am totally overjoyed I came here not knowing what to expect with my first time in the Boxster. I spend Friday testing and setting up and qualified better than expected so I am really happy with that. In race one I was just getting the feeling for the car and testing the limits. The second race was dry and I had a great race with Dave we almost reeled in the others in front, a couple of more laps and we may have had them.


Team Strasse Will next Travel To Brands Hatch, Kent, August 1st For Rounds Seven And Eight.