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Sylatech Porsche Club with Pirelli, Donington Park, Race One:


1 Pete Morris (996 C2) 16 laps;
2 Mark McAleer (996 C2) +0.215s;
3 Kevin Harrison (996 C2);
4 Chris Dyer (Cayman S);
5 Richard Ellis (996 C2);
6 Michael Price (996 C2);
7 Andy Toon (Boxster S);
8 David Botterill (964 C2);
9 Steve Cheetham (Boxster S);
10 Hugo Holmes (Boxster S). Class Winners: Morris; Toon.

Fastest Lap: McAleer 1m31.709s (83.416mph).

Race Two:


1 Mike Johnson (996 C2) 17 Laps;
2 Pete Morris +0.775s;
3 Mark McAleer;  
4 Harrison;
5 Ellis;
6 Dyer;
7 Price;
8 Cheetham;
9 Toon;
10 Ross Morris (968 CS).

Class Winners: Johnson; Cheetham.
Fastest Lap: Johnson 1m31.605 (83.511mph).
Final Rounds: Oulton Park, Cheshire, September 3rd.



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Porsche in Motorsport

Strasse take five podium finishes and close gap on championship title chase

Five podium finishes from Team Strasse at Croft on Saturday 27th of August saw the gap for the 2016 title Sylatech Porsche Club Championship with Pirelli close up with closest rival Andy Toon taking a win and second to add to his championship points tally.


Pete Morris in the PCM Midlands Porsce 996 claimed the pole with a lap three-tenths better than the rest of the class one pack, Andy Toon in the EPC Electrolytic Plating Boxster took the class two pole.

Race One

Morris made a great start leading the field into the first corner with McAleer and Harrison close behind, McAleer was trying to find a way past Morris but also had to defend hard against Harrison
Behind. Chris Dyer in the Millers Oils / Porsche 911 World Cayman made his way up to fourth rapidly closing in on Harrison. Dyer was looking strong but had to contend with defending fourth place as former team mate Ellis closed the gap. Meanwhile in class two Andy Toon was leading the pack with team mate David Botterill in third. Botterill soon made it to the number two spot and was closing the gap fast on Toon. Hugo Holmes in the Freeman Jewellers Boxster was currently running in fifth place, Ross Morris son of Pete Morris, a guest driver for Strasse in the Porsche 968 was impressing the team in fourth place but unfortunately an issue with the car forced him to retire promoting Holmes into fourth place. Morris in class one held onto the lead and took the win after a perfect but hard fought race, Dyer held on to fourth with Toon taking the class two win with Botterill taking second.

Race Two

Morris again made a great start and was leading the pack into the first corner with McAleer holding off Harrison to take second. All the Porsche 996’s soon broke away from the rest of the field leaving Dyer to lead the mid field battle. Morris was now under extreme pressure from Johnson who had forced his way past the leading four into second place. Under pressure Morris missed a gear heading into Tower allowing Johnson to take the lead and pull a good three cars length ahead. In Class two Toon lead from the start with Holmes in second. Holmes was holding off the rest of the class two field which allowed Toon to pull away. Unfortunately Holmes was not able to hold his position and the class two field soon closed up on Toon. Five laps later Toon was under threat from Steve Cheetman who eventually got the better of him due to his tyres which where now starting to fade. Cheetman pulled away leaving a five car gap between himself and Toon however race control placed a five second penalty on Cheetman for cutting corners leaving Toon with a chance of still taking first place. In class one Morris was unable to close the gap on Johnson but managed to hold onto second with Dyer taking sixth place. In class two Cheetman took the first place win inspite of his five second penalty and Toon had to settle for second. Botterill finished fourth in class despite a great start, unfortunately he dropped places early in the race after been forced wide. Guest Driver Ross Morris stole the show taking third place in class two in only his second time in the car, with Holmes finishing in fourth.


Pete Morris, number 1: PCM Midlands Porsche 996 C2

A cracking weekend for the Morris family with my son Ross taking third in the second race. I missed a gear in the second race that’s all it was, that’s how close it was, just  one mistake. You have to be brave round croft. After double stinting the tyres they were going off and I had a couple of moments but the cars came back in one piece so all we have to do is service it for next week at Oulton Park.

Chris Dyer, number 9: Porsche 911 World Porsche Cayman S

The first race I managed to get up to fourth the car felt fantastic. The second race I managed to get up to fourth again but I made a couple of silly mistakes but the car had plenty of grip and felt good.

Andy Toon, Number 4:EPC Electrolytic Plating Porsche Boxster S

We could not be more pleased with today’s results to come away with a first and a second is great, the team have pulled out all the stops once again. I was struggling for grip in the second race, the tyres I have on have done four races and two qualifier’s. About half way through the race I saw Cheetman coming up and I knew he was on fresh tyres so it was all about been sensible and keeping it on the black stuff but in all a great day for the team

David Botterill Number 8 Strasse 964 C2 Porsche

I am happy to take second in the first race. I managed to chase Andy down but he had a good lead on him by the time I had made up the place so it was almost a first. The second race I was expecting the car to go well again but I got caught up in traffic on the first couple of laps, I tried to move forward but I did not seem to have the same power but happy to settle for fourth place.

Hugo Holmes Number 24 Freeman Jewellers Boxster S

The skill was there at the start in race two but the lack of good suspension meant I had to concede a few places. It was good learning curve, we adjusted the suspension and it worked so this will help push forward for next year.

Ross Morris number 3 Strasse 968

It was a beautifully balanced car I could not have wished for anything better, I am now looking forward to Oulton Park.