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Sylatech Porsche Club with Pirelli, Race One:


1 Mike Johnson (996 C2) 13 Laps;
2 Pete Morris (996 C2) +0.476s;
3  Chris Dyer (Cayman S);
4 Mark McAleer (996 C2);
5 Richard Ellis (996 C2);
6 Michael Price (996 C2);
7 Kevin Harrison (996 C2);
8 Steve Cheetham (Boxster S);
9 Andy Toon (Boxster S);
10 Jake McAleer (Boxster S). 

Class Winners:
Johnson; Cheetham. Fastest Lap: Johnson 2m01.508s (79.75mph).

Race Two:


1 Johnson 12 Laps;
2 Mark McAleer +5.999s;
3 Pete Morris;
4 Dyer;
5 Ellis;
6 Price;
7 Cheetham;
8 Ross Morris (968 CS);
9 Toon;
10 Jake McAleer. 

Class Winners:
 Johnson; Cheetham. 
Fastest Lap:
Johnson 2m02.017s (79.41mph).



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Porsche in Motorsport

Strasse take double title for third year running in the Porsche Club Championship GB

Team Strasse once again have succeeded in retaining both the drivers championship and the team championship for the third year in sucsession. It was no easy achievment this year as the drivers title went down to the very last race of the season at Oulton Park on Saturday September 3rd with Andy Toon, Strasse’s class two driver sealing the class two championship and drivers’ championship wins  by only three points


It was Pete Morris in the class one PCM Midlands 996 Porsche who took pole in class one with team mate Andy Toon in the EPC Electrolytic Plating Porsche Boxster taking the class two pole in the dying seconds of qualifying.

Race One

Everyone was careful to make a clean start as the heavy rain fell on the Oulton Park circuit. Tension was high in the Strasse paddock as the cars lined up ready for the green light. Morris made a good start and lead the pack into the first corner, Chris Dyer in the Porsche 911 World / Miller Oils Cayman who qualified sixth on the grid had a great start and was soon up to third place behind Johnson who was on the tail of Morris. Johnson continued to put Morris under pressure and by lap four Johnson had got the better of Morris and took the lead. The order remained the same with Jonhson taking the win Morris second and Dyer taking third, the first podium this year for Dyer and the Cayman. McAleer, Toons championship title rival finished fourth gifting Toon valuable points who finished second in class two. Guest driver Ross Morris in the Strasse 968 finished in fourth while David Botterill in the Strasse 964 took fifth in class two.

Race Two

And so it was all to play for, the 2016 winner all hinged on points and placing between Toon and McAleer. The team championship had now been sealed by  team strasse after race one results. The track was a little dryer for the second race but still too damp for slicks and again it was Morris who made the better start with Johnson in second as the field set off for race two. It was now all about points and who was going to finish where in both class one and class two, Mark McAleer was third with toon running in second in class two.
Johnson was pushing hard and set a series of fastest race laps, while McAleer, knowing his championship hopes rested on scoring as many points as possible ahead of Toon, was looking for a way past Morris. Meanwhile in class two the team was shocked to see Strasse guest driver Ross Morris snatch second place off Toon leaving all eyes on McAleer who by now was in second after finding a way past Pete Morris. If it stayed this way Toon would still take the title but if McAleer was to find a way past Johnson it would be all over for Toon. Luckily Jonhson was too far ahead for McAleer to threaten taking second with Morris finishing in third in class one ,in class two Toon crossed the line in third sealing the title by only three points. The battle for fourth in class one was just as thrilling, with Dyer holding off Ellis and Price to take fourth place Botterill in the Strasse 964 class two car crossed the line sixth place in class.


Pete Morris, number 1: PCM Midlands Porsche 996 C2

A perfect day for the team my team mate Andy has taken the championship title I may have lost the number one but at least it’s been  kept within the team, we are still dominating the championship.

Chris Dyer, number 9: Porsche 911 World Porsche Cayman S

I got a mega start in race one straight into third and held onto that position, the car felt great in the wet. The second race I got into third again McAleer came through like a train and I ended up having a great battle with Richard Ellis for Fourth, we got there in the end just a few more adjustments and we should see the car on the podium more next season.

Andy Toon, Number 4:EPC Electrolytic Plating Porsche Boxster S

It was probably the most boring race meeting but the most stressful race I have had this season it was very wet conditions and we just had to keep the car in a straight line. The plan for the second race was to get in front and have a clean race I was unable to keep second place but thankfully third was enough to take the title, it’s not sunk in yet but I’m sure it will tonight after a few beers.

Pete Morris Number 1 PCM Midlands Porsche 996

A perfect day for the team my team mate Andy has taken the championship title I may have lost the number one but at least it’s been  kept within the team, we are still dominating the championship.

Ross Morris number 3 Strasse 968

It was struggle with the car but it was good fun I’m hoping for a full season next year, perhaps I should retire my dad into class two and I will have a go in class one.