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Hot work for Strasse at Snetterton

Team Strasse took valuable team points in what proved to be a difficult weekend in rounds Seven and eight of the Porsche Club GB Championship with Pirelli on the 30th June under sweltering heat at Snetterton. Qualifying did not go to plan, Peter Morris in the PCM Midlands Porsche 997 struggled under braking, an issue that later forced the team to replace both rear brake callipers for race one. Chris Dyer in the Professional / Millers Oil Cayman S and Andy Toon in the EPC Electrolytic Plating Porsche 996 C2 qualified down the order for both race one and two. In class two Ed Grimshaw in the Regal Blinds and Curtains Boxster S qualified sixth in class.

Race one.

It would be true to state that so far this season Morris in the 997 has had more than his fair share of bad luck and when price spun in front of him on lap one visions of Silverstone came to mind, luckily this time both Morris and Dyer managed to avoid any collision. Despite the good start by all three class one drivers the incident resulted in Morris dropping back with Dyer now taking the lead of the Strasse cars in seventh place with Toon in eighth and Morris in ninth. This formation stayed the same for most of the race until Morris got the better of his team mate Dyer crossing the line in seventh, Dyer in eighth and Toon in ninth. In class two Grimshaw in the Boxster S crossed the line fifth in class.

Race Two

Despite the positives taken from race one bad luck struck again for Morris snapping a drive shaft on the line resulting in him having to pull off and retire from the race, this left Dyer and Toon to battle on in class one. Class one was split into two battles the leaders in front and the mid-field pack, both entertaining the crowds with bumper to bumper racing. Dyer was part of the entertaining mid-field battle and was putting in better lap times than the leading four making his way up to sixth he found himself behind Price and was piling on the pressure. Dyer forced his way to the front of the battle but despite the extra injection of pace it was too late to close the gap on the leaders and crossed the line in fifth place once again taking valuable team points with Toon finishing in eighth. In class two Ed Grimshaw struggled with an engine power issue but brought the car home in sixth place and completed his required amount of competitive races to remove the novice yellow cross.


Pete Morris PCM Midlands Porsche 997 C2S: We are still developing the car but its still too heavy it way too heavy to compete. I had Price spin in front of me in race one so that put me way behind the leaders and in the second race my drive shaft broke off the line, the load we are putting through the gearbox and the drive shafts of these big cars and we are having to use standard equipment that just are not up to the job we should be allowed to upgrade to GT3 parts.

Chris Dyer Professional / Millers Oil Cayman S: The first race I was not feeling good, I had a headache and was just not feeling that good. The second race I had managed to cool down and was feeling a lot better, I made a great start and was battling hard with price I got on the inside of him on the start finish straight where he tried to push me into the wall but despite this I still managed to pass him and kept the pace to keep him behind me so in all pleased with race two.

Andy Toon EPC Electrolytic Plating Porsche 996 C2: I had a good battle with Chris, but it’s only my third visit to Snetterton so it’s not one of my more confident tracks but I had a good first race. The second race I was feeling a lot more confident and I had a great start and was involved in the four way battle in mid-field so in all I feel good.

Ed Grimshaw Regal Blinds and Curtains Boxster S: Test day was a real eye opener, it’s a technical track to learn. I was disappointed that I could not get below 2.20 during qualifying but I managed to shave off a few seconds during race one and two so I’m pleased with that.