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Triple podium for Strasse at Donington

Team Strasse extended their championship lead by 43 points with Chris Dyer in the Professional / Millers Oil Cayman S taking second and Pete Morris in the PCM Midlands Porsche 997 C2S taking third in class one, Rookie driver Ed Grimshaw in the Regal Blinds and Curtains Boxster S achieved his first podium taking third spot in class two.


Race one.

After a wet qualifying season the track for race one was a little dryer this time. Dyer and Morris who opted to race on slicks got off to a good start and by the end of lap one Morris had moved up into second after starting from fourth place. Dyer also making a good start was up into third but with McAleer breathing down his neck, on lap six a small incident meant that both McAleer and Bradshaw who was in fifth both lost time allowing Dyer to break free and concentrate on closing down team mate Morris for second.

Meanwhile sumpter took advantage of his pole position and pulled away in front leaving the fight for second the battle to watch. Dyer was on Morris’s back bumper for a number of laps but on lap eight dyer eased clear to take second place with Morris taking third. Andy Toons decision to run on wets unfortunately did not pay off as the track dried during the race resulting in the tyres overheating, despite this Toon put in a worthy performance crossing the line in sixth place.

In Class two Ed Grimshaw in the Boxster S who also opted for wets struggled to find a wet line in order to cool his tyres down but still managed to put in an outstanding performance to take his first ever podium crossing the finish line in third place.


Race Two,

Despite the afternoon mainly been dry the clouds  looked threatening and it was one of those difficult calls to make, wets or slicks! All the Strasse drivers decided to go for the option of slicks unfortunately while in the holding area the heavens opened. Dyer and Morris decided to return to the pits for a tyre change In which the team did in a speedy manner allowing both drivers to return before the start of the race.

The race got under way with Morris making the best of what was now very wet conditions slotting into second by the first corner, Toon on slicks had to make a dash into the pits for a tyre change that left him almost a lap down. Eager to re-join the race Toon unfortunately exceeded the pit lap speed limit resulting in a black flag and putting an end to Toons race. Morris by now was in a comfortable second place but an issue with the exhaust system resulted in lack of power slowing his pace down and losing positions eventually finishing in sixth place, Dyer battled hard in the conditions coming home in a respectable fifth place.

In class two Grimshaw starting on slicks decided to brave the conditions and stay out and was doing well until the slippery conditions got the better of him resulting in a small slide and slight damage to the rear end despite this Grimshaw held on to take fourth place.



Chris Dyer Professional / Millers Oil Cayman S: First race I got a mega start and was up into third I had a great race with Pete I was quicker than him but he kept closing the door on me, I gave him a little tap on the rear but I have apologised to him for that, I managed to get passed him and pulled away from him. The second race we managed to change the tyres in time but I forgot to turn the traction control off for the start so I got bogged down off the line but I had a really good battle with McAleer but I’m happy with position five and the points.

Pete Morris PCM Midlands Porsche 997 C2S:Happy with race one, race two the exhaust played up, the engine light came on twice and I lost power, the oil and water pressure was ok so I carried on to take the points for the team. It’s a shame I was on for a second place.

Andy Toon EPC Electrolytic Plating Porsche 996 C2: The first race I qualified in 11th so we had nothing to lose by gambling on an old pair of wets but we finished in 6th place so I am happy with the result of race one. Race two the weather turned so I had to enter the pits on the green flag lap but unfortunately I exceeded the speed limit and as a result I got disqualified but we live and learn and we can take the positives, that the car handled really well.

Ed Grimshaw Regal Blinds and Curtains Boxster S: the first race I got P3 a big day out.I thought I had got it wrong, I called wets and the track was bone dry after three laps so I got it completely wrong and the wets where all over the place. Race two it was wet I could see it drying out so I called slicks unfortunately I got it completely wrong again, I had a bit of a kiss with the wall my own fault, I put on a bit too much gas and the back end came out and I went in to a complete spin but I managed to get back on the track and carry on.

Petro-Canada Lubricants Porsche Club Championship with Pirelli, Donington Park, Race One: 1 Mark Sumpter (996 C2) 20 Laps; 2 Chris Dyer (Cayman S) +11.328s; 3 Peter Morris (997 C2S); 4 Simon Clark (Cayman S); 5 Mark McAleer (996 C2); 6 Andrew Toon (996 C2); 7 Stuart Ings (944 S2); 8 Andrew Muggeridge (Boxster S); 9 Steve Freeman (Boxster S); 10 Richard Grout (Boxster S). Class Winners: Sumpter; Muggeridge; Grout; Ings. Fastest Lap: McAleer 1m15.661s (94.16mph).
Race Two: 1 Sumpter 18 Laps; 2 Michael Price (997 C2S) +15.443s; 3 Clark; 4 McAleer; 5 Dyer; 6 Morris; 7 Steve Cheetham (Cayman S); 8 Freeman; 9 Ings; 10 Grout. Class Winners: Sumpter; Freeman; Grout; Ings. Fastest Lap: Sumpter 1m26.284s (82.57mph).
Next Races: Silverstone, Northants, August 11th.