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Celebrations for Team Strasse at Brands Hatch.


Team Strasse closed out the 2018 Petro-Canada Lubricants Porsche Club Championship with Pirelli with a podium finish for Chris Dyer in the Cayman S. A combined effort from all Strasse drivers ensured that the Team took back the Team Championship for 2018. With Brands Hatch hosting the 2018 Festival of Porsche the 20-minute Porsche Club Championship qualifying session was the first track action of the day. Despite all Strasse drivers putting in good laps it was only tenths of a second that separated the top eight drivers, Pete Morris qualified the fastest out of the team qualifying in sixth place followed by Chris Dyer in eighth and Andy Toon in ninth. In class two Ed Grimshaw placed the class two Boxster S in sixth place.

Race One

There was a slight confusion with the lights at that start of the race resulting in some drivers getting the better of their competitors. Andy Toon got the better of his team mates slotting into seventh, Morris in eighth with Dyer dropping back to ninth. With no team orders in play apart from don’t hit anything all three drivers where left to fight it out with the trio putting on a show for the large crowd battling hard with each other at every corner. Dyer was determined to make up for the confusion at the start and soon got the better of Morris and now was looking for a way past Toon, it was apparent that Dyer had the edge on Toon and not long after found a way past his team mate making the overtake of the day with all four wheels on the grass. This left Dyer free to put the pedal to the metal and try and close the gap to the leading pack, It did not take long for Dyer to close in and take Price resulting in a fifth place for Dyer, seventh for Morris and eighth for Toon. In class two Ed Grimshaw brought home the Boxster in sixth place.

Race Two.

Race two was cut short to only ten minutes after a multi car smash on the first lap that brought out the red flag. It was a lengthy delay to remove all the cars from the track. Fortunately for Strasse none of the team’s drivers were involved in the incident. All the cars left had to reline back on the grid in the position they started in this meant that there was a large gap between dyer and the two front leaders. With only ten minutes to race it was practicality impossible to close the gap on the front two cars for Dyer. Dyer held on to his position to take third-place. Morris crossed the finish line in fourth and also took the fastest lap of the race, these results also meant that the team had secured the Team Championship, Toon closed out his season with a respectable fifth place finish. In class two Ed Grimshaw who also managed to avoid the incident at the start of the race had a solid drive eventually crossing the finish line in fifth place.


Chris Dyer Professional Group / Millers Oil Cayman S:The start was a bit of a mess in race one and I found myself stuck behind Pete, Pete knew that I was faster than him so he let me past but Andy held fast and would not let me past, making a move past him on the grass I finally got in front of him. Race two I started in seventh and after the carnage I ended up in second but the red flag came out so I was not very happy about that having to restart back in third. The race was then reduced to ten minutes I managed to catch the leading two but was unable to make any kind of move to pass them so in all I am happy with third.

Pete Morris PMC Midlands Porsche 997 C2S: It will make good TV coverage, what was it six cars knocked out I think? I’m not sure I lost count, I had to avoid two accidents I physically had to stop to avoid one. We knew we could win the Team Championship so I was concentrating on making sure we achieved that, we all drove well, we came away with no damage we have the team championship and we are loving it.

Andy Toon EPC Electrolytic Plating Porsche 996 C2: It was good fun, clean racing but safe. We came here just wanting to enjoy the day and bring the cars home undamaged and that’s what we managed to do. Qualifying was very close, I just need to get a bit faster during qualifying because when I’m on race pace I’m up there with the rest I just need to be that little bit quicker for qualifying. I managed to avoid the trouble at the start of race two after making a great start I was up into fourth place if it had finished under a safety car it would have been a good result but I’m happy with fifth place and we have no damage to any of the cars, a good end to the season.

Ed Grimshaw Regal Blinds and Curtains Boxster S: Mixed emotions mixed day.I had a great start during race two then there was the carnage on the first lap but I managed to avoid it and skirt around it and I found myself up among the class one cars it was a very odd experience an experience that gave me an instant nose bleed! It was quit odd it was unusual to look in your rear view mirror to see all the class one cars behind you.