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Strasse - Official Swissvax Stockist

An absolutely perfect Care System from every perspective

Swissvax offers its customers a complete and thorough car care system of perfectly matched products all developed following the same highly sophisticated quality and performance standards.

At Swissvax they cater for all your automotive and marine care needs and you can be sure that all products have been perfectly matched to each other and that they are 100% compatible with each other.



Swissvax products currently in stock


Swissvax Car Bath 250ml
Swissvax Waschpudel
Swissvax Drying towel Concours Grey
Swissvax Microfibre Concours Pink
Swissvax Wax cloth blue
Swissvax Red buckets
Swissvax Wheel cleaner Forte 250ml
Swissvax Pneu tyre dressing 250ml
Swissvax Quick finish – quick detailer
Swissvax Cleaner fluid regular 250ml
Swissvax Onyx Wax 50ml
Swissvax Onyx 200ml
Swissvax Zuffenhausen wax 50ml
Swissvax Zuffenhausen 200ml
Swissvax Best of show wax 50ml
Swissvax Autobahn wheel wax 50ml
Swissvax Leather care kit
Swissvax Exclusive Protection Kit

All Swissvax products now available at Strasse

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The Swissvax Philosophy


Swissvax are convinced that even an exceptional product can still and should be refined and improved further.
They never consider a product as being complete in terms of further research and development.

From the primary products and ingredients to the manufacturing processes and quality control standards through to the finished product, its presentation, boxing and the accessories, you can see and feel and experience the quality for which many world famous Swiss products are renowned. From a customer’s perspective you will be delighted again and again by this outstanding quality every time you use the products.

Perfection - When even the best is not good enough

At Swissvax, every product is developed and meticulously tested both in the laboratory and under the harshest practical conditions.

Their geographical and meteorological situation in Switzerland with its proximity to the famous unrestricted German Autobahn and 4 intensive seasons from paintwork-boiling hot summers to freezing cold winters with extensive use of road-salt offers us the best possible natural development and testing ground a company in their marketplace can look for.